What Drugs Can Lower Male Libido?

What Drugs Can Lower Male Libido?
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The group of drugs that I want to address is anti-depressants and antipsychotics and other psychotropic drugs. These drugs have been shown anywhere from 20 to 50% of patients have impacts on their sexual health and lower male libido. So whether that is interesting in sex or sexual desire or anorgasmia that is the inability to achieve orgasm.

These effects are only going to make you more depressed. So it is essential to look at some of the side effects that may be little lesser known. There are the considerable amount of people who have some sexual side effects from these psychotropic drugs.

Another thing to know is that while in most cases whatever those effects might be irreversible over time. They can be undone over time. But when you’re withdrawing from the drug it makes take anywhere from a couple months to even a year or more before those effects go away and after you stop taking the medication.


So, again, if your antidepressant drug is affecting your sexual performance or your sexual desire, then that is going to make you more depressed. So I would recommend that if you are taking some drugs like that talk with your doctor about that. You should remain very aware of how their sexual health is being affected because over time if you are on these drugs for significant amount of time, you may have considerable against effects to your sexual health, that may change your life all around and give you side effects that you definitely do not want lurking long after you stop taking the drug.

Another thing I would like to mention about antidepressant drugs SSRI is that Dr. Helen Rogers of Rutgers University has theorized that antidepressant medications and SSRIs may also affect our capabilities to love and to fall in love. And looking at the motive action of a lot of these drugs and the way that they affect our neurotransmitters, the way they are changing the messages in our brain, that our ability to have compassion, that love, to achieve that connection with someone may also be affected by these drugs. So that may explain why sexual desire and arousal is concerned, it may be completely unrelated, but that is something of interest.


So if you are on these drugs and you are feeling withdrawn from your relationship or you were feeling really in love with someone and then you got on your antidepressants and now you are just not only feeling into them anymore, that can be a side effect of those drugs and that is something to be aware of and definitely take into account.

If you are in a situation that you are taking these drugs or someone that you love you know is taking these drugs, something that is probably not in the small print of that package but something worth remembering about as consumers.

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