Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men
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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland to stimulate the growth process in children and adolescents and cell and tissue reproduction and regeneration through the whole life. But with age, HGH levels drop down leading to HGH deficiency or Adult GH deficiency (AGHD) that can affect your life and health.

But nowadays, we can use the human growth hormone replacement therapy (the so-called synthetic HGH) to combat the outcomes of the hormone deficiency:

Loss of Muscle Mass

Loss of Muscle Mass

If you have HGH deficiency, you may notice that you can’t recover quickly after sports, or the healing process after injuries, traumas or surgeries takes quite a long period. People who have used therapeutic HGH injections report that their injuries are healed better, and they can recover faster after physical exercises. Besides, health care providers who deal with athletic sports injuries confirm that HGH replacement therapy helps speed up the healing process after traumas or surgeries. Besides, HGH injections are believed to help repair joints, build muscle mass, and make muscles stronger.

Though HGH therapy is not allowed for sports enhancement and competitive bodybuilding, a lot of sports professionals report that they can recover faster after intense physical training when taking HGH injections. They also evidence higher energy, better muscle mass and strength, an increase in stamina and general performance.

And it is true that male muscles start growing, and men’s endurance becomes higher when using HGH injections.

Loss of Energy, Tone, and Motivation

Loss of Energy

The reduced energy, continuous fatigue, depression, loss of desire to have an active and vigorous life may also be the symptoms of HGH deficiency. But you should not worry as therapeutic HGH injections and physical exercises are a way out. If you add a proper diet with vitamins and minerals to your HGH therapy, it will promote your energy and drive, increase your motivation and help you get rid of depression.

Besides, a lot of men notice that their sexual desire and stamina are increased after the replacement therapy. Shyness, irritability, embarrassment, and withdrawal caused by HGH deficiency also disappear.

If your enthusiasm, daily drive, ambitions, and potential decline, HGH injections will return you to your regular pace of life by solving these health problems. Thus, it will improve your personal and intimate relationship and restore your working potential.

Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Sleep Problems

Low growth hormone levels can result in light sleep – you can feel that you do not have enough rest during the night. And here is where HGH therapy helps. When using HGH treatment program, men report that they have a stronger sleep for 8 to 9 hours and wake up refreshed and relaxed in the morning. The therapy allows men restore deep sleep and get better rest during the night combating fatigue and stress and promoting their energy. They feel better next day and perform their daily work with higher tone reviving their teens and young potential.

Memory, Concentration, and Mental Function


HGH replacement therapy can improve memory, enhance focus and concentration and address mental clarity issues. Men report that these problems are reduced or disappear when taking the injections.

Excess Weight, and Obesity


The fact is that aging slows down metabolism in men resulting in excess fats and weight. Thus, testosterone levels are reduced while estrogen levels are increased – this causes the formation of more fatty tissues.

Nowadays, the statistics say that every third American man suffers from obesity. Obesity is defined as a medical condition where excess fats accumulated in the body can affect your life causing different health problems (heart disease, cancer, or premature aging) and reducing your life expectancy.

Excess weight may be caused by improper diet, overeating, medical conditions and hormone imbalance. But there is also a strong relationship between low HGH levels and extra pounds in men who are over 35. And HGH replacement therapy can help combat these problems by burning more fats, especially those in the abdominal area. These fats, known as adipose fatty tissues, are hard to lose with regular physical training or diets.

A lot of men who have suffered from obesity and used HGH injections report that they have succeeded to regain their normal weight and restore their good shape. They have noticed lower adipose tissue fats and better lean muscle mass. Combining HGH replacement therapy and testosterone injections help men build new muscles and enhance muscle tone.

Male Libido and Penis Activity


With age, men may also lose any interest in sex as their sexual desire and stamina get lower. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, short-lasting performance, and low endurance. But HGH replacement therapy can help you deal with these problems in your sex life. Male patients report that the injections increase their libido and stamina. Higher HGH restores sexual performance and frequency and makes men last longer in bed. Men may feel as in their teens or 20’s when HGH and testosterone levels are high.

Male hormone deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. But the replacement therapy shows excellent results combating these sexual dysfunctions and improving male sexual health.

Men, who use HGH replacement therapy, including bio-identical growth hormone and testosterone injections, can feel such sexual enhancements as increased sexual drive and libido, better erectile function, and lower premature ejaculation. These advantages will make your personal and intimate relationships more romantic. You will be closer to your partner and benefit from more intense sex life.

If you want only to increase your libido and improve sexual performance, you should take male sex enhancement pills, like Argionic Capsules.

Andropause and Premature Aging in Men


It is not a secret that hormones in men tend to drop down with age resulting in aging or other organism dysfunctions. If growth hormone levels are low in men, it is likely that their DHEA, testosterone, and other hormone levels are also low. That’s why it is necessary to combine testosterone injections with HGH treatment – it will restore the hormonal balance in men.

Clinical trials show that Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy can stop premature male aging, reverse its adverse effects and combat the related persistent or chronic medical conditions.

HGH Testing for Men

If you notice any symptoms of the HGH Deficiency, you can take a test for hormone levels, including growth hormone and testosterone. After you get your laboratory results, results of physical examination and diagnosis, your health care provider will make a prescription for HGH replacement therapy. You should know that men experience symptoms other than women and, thus, require a special form of human growth hormone treatment.

HGH Treatment Methods

Nowadays, two key methods are used to enhance the hormone production:

  1. the use of peptide releasing agents that stimulate a natural increase in human growth hormone levels (GHRP-2, GHRP-6, and Sermorelin Acetate);
  2. the use of HGH Injections (Somatropin (rDNA origin) as a bio-identical form of HGH).

There is a great variety of alternative HGH treatments, including supplements, pills or sprays formulated to cause the release of HGH though they have not shown any positive results in increasing the hormone levels in men. Male fitness experts recommend natural ways that can help improve their hormone balance: bodybuilding, weightlifting, power exercises and aerobics. A lot of bodybuilders and athletes who want to enhance their HGH take natural supplements nourishing their bodies with vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids. However, as muscles become weaker, and the body gains more fats with age, it becomes harder to do physical activities. Besides, stress and depression eliminate any desire to do them.

Though the only HGH form that is proven to be effective is a real injectable growth hormone, an HGH treatment program for men combines injections, healthy diet, physical exercises, and anti-aging supplements with vitamins and amino acids that naturally boost the hormone levels.

HGH Replacement Therapy Process


If you suffer from HGH deficiency and it prevents you from having a healthy life, you can address Optimal Health Male Hormone Clinic to treat this male problem. The clinic offers the best prices, options, and services to combat the deficiency. You can call (888) 763-4221 to find out about the replacement therapy or complete the info request form online to get a free consultation with HGH replacement therapy experts. The treatment has helped hundreds of men to improve their overall health and enjoy their lives in full.

The HGH Protocol for men provides for daily HGH (somatropin) injections. The injections are made into the fatty tissue – subcutaneously in contrast to testosterone injections made intramuscularly.

Men, who suffer from low HGH, are recommended taking HGH to improve their hormone balance. And these injections are designed not only as an anti-aging therapy or medication of wonder but as a therapy that enhances male life by burning adipose body fats, increasing lean muscle mass, improving bone density, and promoting male sexual function.

The doctors of Optimal Health Male Hormone Clinic with many years of experience specializing in HGH replacement therapy, tailor an individual program and prescribe the high-quality injections ensuring the best treatment for men and the lowest prices. You may contact the Men’s HGH Therapy Center to get more information about programs, testing, diagnoses, and HGH prescriptions, and find out where and how you can order hormone medications online.

HGH Replacement Therapy Results


Based on the facts mentioned above, HGH replacement therapy is a method that can help men resolve any health problems related to the hormone deficiency. This treatment increases energy, vigor, and stamina, improve libido and sexual performance, enhance sleep and combat insomnia, help men feel better and fresher, treat sexual dysfunctions and stop premature aging. Besides, the HGH therapy will help men regain their attractive shape and look by reducing excess weight and improving muscle mass. These advantages will promote your mood and boost male self-confidence.

Human Growth Hormone treatment for men would be an excellent way to deal with low levels of HGH and its negative effects. Men will be able to return to their normal life and feel their youthful strength and power of.

HGH Replacement Therapy vs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Patients with HGH deficiency are often prescribed growth hormone injections along with testosterone injections. Most men suffering from low HGH levels are also diagnosed with low testosterone levels. That is why these hormone replacement therapies complement each other.

If you require additional HGH and testosterone, your health care provider will prescribe both hormones in the respective dosages to restore your hormone balance in full.

Men’s Health Center of Optimal Health Clinic offers effective and powerful hormone replacement therapy programs for men. They are based on a comprehensive approach including growth hormone and testosterone treatment.

Its urologists, age management physicians, and endocrinologists will develop an individual replacement therapy program taking into account special needs of a patient and ensure better lifestyle, wellness, and health for both men and women.

Its male hormone doctors are trained in Mayo Clinic and Cenegenics and have special skills in treating low HGH, low testosterone, and erectile dysfunctions. They offer the best treatment for men suffering from andropause and hypogonadism.

If you need any additional information about testosterone and human growth hormone therapies, including prices, risks, side-effects, and benefits, you may contact the clinic.

HGH Men’s Studies 


In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published the HGH study of Dr. Daniel Rudman and others. Within the study, the group of men 60 to 80 years old with plasma IGF-1 concentrations of 350 U per liter or less[i] (the HGH deficiency) took HGH during six months and noticed an excellent enhancement in their health.

The researchers stated that the activity of the IGF-1 (growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor 1) axis reduced with age could cause the increase in mass of adipose tissue and the decline in lean body mass.

The HGH study results showed that the management of human growth hormone increased lean muscle mass by 8.8 percent, reduced adipose tissue mass by 14.4 percent, increased lumbar vertebral bone density by 1.6 percent, and skin thickness by 7.1 percent.

Therefore, we can conclude that the decrease in the HGH secretion is responsible for the loss of some lean mass and bone density, the thinning of the skin, and the increase in adipose tissue fats in older men. The reduced lean muscle mass can be related to atrophic processes in bones, skeletal muscles, liver, kidneys, and skin. Yes, aging inevitably leads to the structural changes in the body, and low human growth hormone levels may contribute to it.


[i] Healthy men 20 to 40 years old have plasma IGF-1 concentrations of 500 to 1500 U per liter.

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