Sex Concerns and Recommendations

Sex Concerns and Recommendations
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Sex Concern


A 17-year-old boy: I am worried about the size of my penis. It seems to me that it is small. Currently, my penis is one inch in length when flaccid, and two and a half inches when erect. I have been masturbating since twelve years old. At first, I masturbated three times every day, but now I have reduced the number of sessions.

Please tell me whether I have penis size problems. What size is normal at my age? What natural penis enlargement can help me? Should I apply them?


The first thing you should remember is: stop worrying. Embarrassment has never helped anybody to deal with their problems, but reduces self-confidence and self-esteem, and makes you doubt your abilities. If you think that penis size is the root of all your sexual issues, you are mistaken. If you feel some discomfort, you should pay attention to your health first as this may be the result of any dysfunction. Besides, you should master some sex techniques and find different pleasure methods to improve your sexual relationship. Do not forget about communication.

In general, the average penis size in adult men is around 6 inches (it slightly differs depending on race). A lot of men think that they have small penises (though it is not true in most cases) and are seeking for any ways to enlarge their manhood. But to tell the truth, nowadays, there no methods supported medically to increase your penis in length. So, there is no need to spend amounts money on herbal supplements, creams, injections, or devices.

Please take into account that different women prefer different sizes of penises, but most of them dream about an average phallus, some want below average size. Women pay attention to your natural appearance, sexual skills and how you master your body and hands. They will not date a guy because of his large penis. I know two women with tight vaginas. They say that they prefer their partners’ fingers or four-inch penises to avoid any pain during sexual activity.

So, to gain the heights in sex, you should love your body, be confident, stay positive and look for a woman with similar interests. And forget about any connection between penis size and masturbation – stop accusing yourself and enjoy your sex life.

Sex Concern


A 19-year-old girl: I have had sex a lot of times. I have no pain complaints; I have never felt any discomfort, and I have never caused any injury to my genitalia. But I can experience no orgasms – I feel nothing. I have a boyfriend who is great in oral sex, and it is not all he can do. He plays with my clitoris, gives kisses or uses his fingers. However, I can’t feel incredible sensation and experience satisfaction. I have tried to satisfy myself, but I still feel no improvements. There have been some pleasant moments, but that’s all I could feel. Whatever we do, we cannot make my sensations more explosive and achieve the big O.

My boyfriend suggests using a vibrator – it may help us gain the heights in the bedroom. Is it a correct solution? Can it help us improve our sexual activity? What should we do for me to achieve orgasms? It seems that something is wrong down there with me, that’s why I am not as sensitive as I should be.


You should first quit the idea that something is wrong with you. Everything is good; you start your sex life – it is in its initial phase. Thus, you are exploring your body, and it may take time for you to learn it and know what it wants and how it works. Remember that his life exploration process should be enjoyable and delicious.

We have a great variety of types of stimulation. Every person requires different speed, intensity, pressure and methods to experience pleasure and satisfaction. As you are young and are trying various ways to satisfy yourself (including masturbation), you still feel uncomfortable in your body. You are always looking for comfortable positions and techniques. It is not a problem as we – all of us – have had to overcome this period in our lives. And based on the experience, the higher comfort you will achieve with your body, the more freedom you will allow your body and mind to feel sexual satisfaction.


Using a vibrator is a good idea as it can help you explore your body, find your erogenous zones and understand your sexual sensations. Thus, you will be able to define what your vagina reacts better and where it is more sensitive. You can spend some time masturbating alone using different vibrator speeds. This will allow you to determine what speed can be acceptable for you and what brings you higher satisfaction. It is quite easy, and you can master this sex art in a few days.

You may also read a humorous book The Guide to Getting It On. It will help you acquire sexual comfort and higher confidence, and fill your mind with pleasure and fantasy.

Sex Concern

A 25-year-old guy: I have a physical disability called arthrogryposis (congenital non-progressive joint contractures). When women meet me and see my drawbacks, they just make a U-turn and go away. And this happens every time I am trying to get acquainted. Girls do not want me to call them or see me anymore. I have decided that my way is lonesome in this life. When browsing the Internet, I can find a lot of interesting recommendations and articles. But most of them are written for men without disabilities. How should I be? Can anything help me get along with a woman who would accept me as I am?


Yes, you are right that almost all sex articles are designed for people who suffer from sexual dysfunction and do not describe how people with disabilities should act. But this time, we will accept your challenge and answer your questions.

Any person should keep his or her patience and long for pleasure, joy, and satisfaction no matter what problem he or she faces. And a person with disabilities has the same right to happiness and pleasure as any other human being. Reading your concern, you seem not to lose your optimism, and you are full of hope and aspiration – good job! The fact that you continue getting acquainted with women proves that you are confident. And remember that your confidence and desire are your best values.

And do not worry that you have not found the woman who would want to be with you. It is no way means that there is no woman for you, you have not yet met the one who would spend the rest of her life with you. Let’s face the truth: you have fewer chances than most guys without disabilities. But there are tens and hundreds of women – with and without physical drawbacks – who would like to date with you. I know some of my clients and colleagues see it as acceptable and possible to happen in their lives.

You may start with online dating where a lot of single women are looking for their second parts. If you have failed to meet a woman in common public places, you should visit sites where partners are seeking for men with disabilities (,,,, and Each of these women can open the door to her heart and accept you as you are. This will allow you to build your own family and feel happier. We are sure that there are plenty of women (with or without disabilities) who would support you through the rest of your life. Good luck!

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