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The testosterone contained in the gel is the same as that produced by your body.


AndroGel in Action


The gel is designed for men who can’t produce enough testosterone. This male hormone helps you produce more sperm and increase its quality, develop male characteristics, build up muscle mass, and prevent loss of bones.


Low testosterone is a condition when your hormone levels drop below 300ng/dLhypogonadism. You may experience such symptoms as reduced libido, decreased energy, fatigue, weak or soft erections, higher body fat, low bone strength, or body hair loss.


Low testosterone may result from problems in signaling between testes and brain, or abnormal levels of testosterone.


#1 VigRX Plus
670 votes
95% success rate
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Please contact your health doctor immediately to identify the problem and prescribe medications.



The testosterone replacement therapy is available in two options:


  1. AndroGel 1%;
  2. AndroGel 1.62%.


You are recommended to visit your health care provider for professional advice before you start using it.




You are recommended applying Gel 1% to upper arms, shoulders or stomach area, and Gel 1.62% to upper arms or shoulders at the same time every morning. Be sure that your skin is clean and dry. Please wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap to avoid spreading it to other people.


You should wait a few minutes before dressing – make sure that the gel is fully absorbed.  Please avoid showering, swimming or bathing for 5 hours after applying AndroGel 1%, and 2 hours after applying AndroGel 1.62%.


Your body absorbs it quickly, and the product is clear, has no odor, and leaves no spots.


AndroGel can cause such common side effects as a headache, vomiting, mood changes, redness, itching, etc. You are recommended to stop using the gel when you experience painful erections, breathing problems during sleep, swelling of ankles, breast pain, rapid weight excess, liver problems, painful urination, signs of the blood clot in legs or lungs.


Please tell your health care provider about any medical conditions, especially heart disease, liver or kidney problems, and prostate cancer, you may suffer from.


The company advises that you keep the gel at room temperature and away from moisture and light.




You can purchase AndroGel in pharmacies or some online stores when you have the prescription. If you want to get more information about low testosterone or the gel or receive discounts, you should visit the official website, sign up, and activate your savings card. 


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This gel really works! It helped me normalize my testosterone levels and now I'm more masculine


My doctor prescribed me Androgel 1.62%. It helped me with energy levels, libido, muscle gain. But it is quite pricey.

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