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VigRX Plus
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Money back: 30 days
Success rate: 89 %
First results: 1 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Adam Smith M.D.
Expert rating: 10/10
Discreet packaging: Yes
Support 24/7: Yes
International shipping: Registered Mail - $9.95, Express mail - $24.95
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Payment method: Credit card
Adam Smith M.D.
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CaliPlus is an herbal supplement that claims to combat ED, increase sexual drive and libido and ensure hard erections. The company says that the solution is approved by doctors and causes no side-effects.


CaliPlus in Action


1 month

2 months


Boosted sex drive and libido, more sexual energy



Get a firm erection fast and anytime you need it


6 months

9 months


Longer lasting erections, more sexual stamina, reduced depression, stress and performance anxiety



No more erectile dysfunction



An erection occurs when a penis (its tissues) is flooded with blood that makes it hard and firm. When low blood flows to the penis, a man usually experiences soft erections.


So, CaliPlus works to increase nitric oxide production in the body that causes blood vessels to open wider and stimulates higher blood flow to the penis. And the more blood your penis contains, the harder erections you get.


In contrast to ED drugs, the supplement is a blend of safe and natural herbals that require no prescription and cause no adverse reactions. But you are recommended consulting with a doctor if you have any other medical conditions or take any medications.



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You should take two capsules a day to gain the heights. The solution is said to start working in 30 minutes and last for 36 hours.


CaliPlus Formula


The formula contains six potent herbals that fill up your body with strength and virility:


  1. Tribulus Terrestris is widely known for its aphrodisiacal properties boosting libido and stamina. And it can increase testosterone levels in men improving their fertility.
  2. Chlorophytum Arundinaceum. In Ayurvedic medicine, the herb has been used as a sex stimulant, libido booster and aphrodisiac for ages. Additionally, the herb can increase sperm count and quality.
  3. Mucuna Pruriens. Some studies show that the herb is a powerful aphrodisiac that enhances libido and stamina. It contributes to the increased sperm motility and count, higher semen volume and better fertility in men.
  4. Orchis Latifolia. In Ayurveda, it is used to treat male infertility improving spermatogenesis, increasing testosterone secretion and promoting the health of reproductive organs.
  5. Asteracantha Longifolia. The herb is a general tonic and aphrodisiac with strong hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties.
  6. Anacyclus Pyrethrum. In Ayurveda, the herb is widely known as the remedy for low sperm count and premature ejaculation. It possesses aphrodisiacal properties.


CaliPlus is available online for $65 for a one-month supply. And the company offers discounts for larger orders, discreet package and 100% one-month money-back guarantee. 


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With CaliPlus, I can finally have a firm erection. Thanks to herbal ingredients, there are no side effects


When I started taking these pills, my erections became hard like in youthfulness. My sexual life improved a lot


Finally I can forget about ED, thanks CaliPlus


There are so many positive reviews about CaliPlus so I'm going to try it


Tom, it is really works, you should necessarily try it!


I'd recommend these pills to everyone who has erectile dysfunction. It enhanced my erections and improved my sex life. It is all natural without side effects.

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