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VigRX Plus
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Hard Man – Tongkat Ali


Hard Man


Hard Man is a natural male enhancement supplement that promises men to:


#1 VigRX Plus
670 votes
95% success rate
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  1. Combat erectile dysfunction;
  2. Increase sperm quality and count;
  3. Boost orgasm pleasure.


Hard Man in Action


Hard Man in Action


It is a potent erection boosting supplement that contains a powerful herbal extract. The supplement supports normal erectile function and allows men gain hard-rocking erections enjoying their sex life. And you will experience the erection only when you are aroused – no erections during the whole day (if you don’t want).


Hard Man has aphrodisiacal properties and boosts testosterone production in men. Additionally, it improves their fertility.

You are recommended taking 1 or 2 pills an hour before your sexual activity. As the supplement is all-natural, you will experience no side-effects. In rare cases, some men can feel nausea, sleepiness or blurred vision. If you experience a permanent erection, you are recommended stop taking the pills. Please visit your doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions or use any medications to avoid interaction. 


Hard Man Formula


It can surprise you, but Hard Man contains only one but potent herb – Tongkat Ali.


Tongkat Ali


Eurycoma Longifolia (usually called Tongkat Ali) is a plant native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. In Chinese medicine, it has been used for centuries to:


  1. Increase testosterone production, a sex hormone that is essential for normal male sexual function;
  2. Boost interest in sex;
  3. Normalize erectile function.


Its aphrodisiac and testosterone boosting effects are proved by studies. And at least one molecule in Tongkat Ali is related to ejaculation delay.


You can find Hard Man online. An average price per bottle with 60 capsules is $70. But some websites offer discounts on larger orders.  


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With Hardman, my erections are harder, and my wife loves it. Thank you for the great product.


These pills are really effective. My penis was so hard long ago. It's a great product


It increased my sperm volume. I can ejaculate more


With Hardman I feel so much energy in bed, like in youth


My erections really improved, they become bigger and longer lasting. Thanks Hard Man


Hard Man helped to treat my erectile dysfunction. Even my physician was surprised

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