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VigRX Plus
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Sexual performance


To impress your partner and experience incredible orgasms, you should support your sexual functions and keep your overall health strong and sound. That’s why more and more men are looking for male enhancement products that can do wonders in their sex lives.


#1 VigRX Plus
670 votes
95% success rate
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Male enhancement is not only penis enlargement. It helps increase your libido and stamina, improve your erections, treat sexual dysfunction and boost your sexual pleasure and satisfaction.


Nowadays, men are offered a great variety of enhancement exercises and supplements, enlargement surgeries and devices. But all of them are quite different and provide various results, some with dangerous consequences. Therefore, you should select a natural and non-risky method that will not bring any harm to you.


Today, we are going to review how Livalis works.


What Livalis Is




This supplement is a powerful formula designed for men of any age to increase the size of their penises, improve sexual desire and stamina, and enhance erection quality. Livalis claims to:


  1. Make your penis longer and harder;
  2. Boost your libido;
  3. Increase testosterone production;
  4. Improve erections.


How Livalis Works


 How Livalis Works


To understand the process of its activity, we should know how your body works to ensure high sexual performance.


An erection occurs when a penis is stimulated. Sexual stimulation sends the respective impulses to your genitalia producing nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide works by relaxing and dilating your blood vessels and stimulates higher blood flow to your penis. The production of cGMP is increased in the cells of the corpora cavernosa. These two sponge-like parts of the penis accumulate the blood during erections. This helps ensure harder and firmer erections.


Your body requires healthy nerves, blood vessels and muscle tissue, and an adequate nitric oxide level to get and maintain hard and long-lasting erections.


Thus, Livalis contains natural ingredients, which support the health of your body and its organs and improve sexual performance. The supplement helps your body work as it should work to maintain strong erections.


Livalis Formula


Livalis Formula


The product is formulated from potent natural herbs, which nourish your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients enhancing your sexual health:


  1. Tongkat Ali that is an aphrodisiac and testosterone enhancer. This plant helps the body produce the primary energy molecules in cells;
  2. Maca that is found high in the Andes mountains. The roots of this herb are believed to increase sexual desire, enhance sexual function, improve energy and alleviate stress and fatigue
  3. L-Arginine that is a natural amino acid. It helps promote nitric oxide production dilating blood vessels and improving the blood flow to your penis. This amino acid is also reported to increase sperm count and motility;
  4. Ginseng Blend: Panax Ginseng works by improving stamina and increasing sexual desire while Siberian Ginseng boosts sexual performance;
  5. Tribulus Terrestris that is a well-known testosterone enhancer. This herb can increase muscle mass, reduce fats and improve fertility in men;
  6. Muira Puama that is the so-called Viagra of the Amazon. This aphrodisiac enhances erectile function and increases sexual desire by relieving stress and fatigue.


The supplement also includes such aphrodisiacs as Catuaba, Licorice Root, and Oyster Extract. And its formula is completed with Zinc, Oat Straw, Nettle and Cayenne Pepper.


Where to Purchase Livalis




#1 VigRX Plus
670 votes
95% success rate
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The safest place to order Livalis is its official website. One bottle (60 pills) is available for USD 49.95. However, you may save your money if you purchase in bulk. Thus, you will pay USD 119.95 for three bottles or USD 179.95 for six bottles. In addition to the discount, you will get free shipping to the continental US and a free gift.

The company ( LLC) offers its customers a 60-day money back guarantee. This means that you can get your money back if you have not achieved the promised results. 


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