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VigRX Plus
(670 votes)
Money back: 60 days
Success rate: 89 %
First results: 14 days
Max results: 180 days
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Jake Benson
Detailed review of NaturoMax

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Nowadays, there are lots of products that claim to promote the health of your sexual system, but a few of them can really do it. Let’s see what NaturoMax can promise.




NuroMax is a natural solution for men who want to:


#1 VigRX Plus
670 votes
95% success rate
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  1. Increase their sex drive
  2. Get rock-hard erections;
  3. Control their ejaculations.


The company claims that the pills will make male sex life unbelievable and help regain control. Let’s look at how it is possible.


NaturoMax in Action


The supplement is manufactured by Etechmedia Ltd in the CGMP-certified laboratory and developed by professional herbalists and scientists.


To ensure high gains, NaturoMax increases blood flow to the genitalia, boosts testosterone levels and improves sensitivity.


You are recommended taking 1 pill with water in the morning. Water helps the supplement travel through your body, and its ingredients are absorbed better. You can also take 1 pill half an hour before a sexual intercourse to boost your performance and prolong endurance. To get the desired results, you should complete at least 3 or 4 bottles.


NaturoMax Formula


NaturoMax Formula


As the formula is natural and safe, NaturoMax does not cause any side-effects or adverse reactions. Besides, you need no prescription.

A natural supplement contains among other:


  1. Panax Ginseng is an all-healing herb that helps promote the overall health by combating fatigue and anxiety, effects of radiation, diabetes, and chronic illness. It relieves nerves and relaxes your body, including muscle tissues, and improves blood circulation.
  2. Saw Palmetto is usually used to improve energy, strengthen the thyroid gland, balance metabolism and stimulate appetite. But its greatest advantage is that Saw Palmetto promotes prostate health in men, treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  3. Hawthorn Berries berries are widely used to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure. It soothes the nervous system and improves the cardiovascular system increasing your energy, performance, and endurance.
  4. Avena Sativa. It is an herb that can alleviate your nerves, relieve stress and depression and combat insomnia. It contains compounds with sedative and soothing effects on the brain and nervous system.


You will pay $69.95 for a one month-supply (60 capsules) if you order through the official website. You can receive some bonuses for larger orders. The company offers a 2-month money-back guarantee (2 bottles) if you have gained no results. 


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After 5 month of taking Naturomax, I see a great improvement in my penis size. I recommend it to everyone. I'm happy that I find pills that actually work


I wasn't satisfied with my penis size. After taking Naturomax, I notice great changes. My girlfriend is happy, and so do I


Naturomax helped me to stop premature ejaculation. I would recommend it to everyone


It really increases penis size! I gained 2 inches


I gained 1 inch after 1,5 months. Can't wait to see more results


I decided to try this product and I must say that it's great! The results are amazing. After 4 months of taking Naturomax I have longer and thicker penis.

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