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Detailed review of ProVirilia

American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology

ProVirilia Gel


Today many men experience inferiority because their intimate life is monotonous. Moreover, some problems significantly reduce the quality of sex: decreased potency, insufficient erection, lack of sexual desire and stamina. You can quickly and reliably get rid of such troubles, using the intimate gel ProVirilia. The remedy penetrates the structure of the penis tissues and impacts directly on the hotbed of the problem.


Advantages of Using ProVirilia Gel


Let’s denote the list of preferential features that men get in the process of using the ProVirilia gel:


  1. A safe, positive effect that persists for an extended period;
  2. Affordable cost of an external remedy;
  3. A universal product that may be used as a lubricant in addition to normalizing sexual powers;
  4. Simplicity and ease of use;
  5. The result of using the ProVirilia gel is a more powerful erection, quality ejaculation, increased potency and enhanced sexual libido;
  6. The efficacy and safety of the intimate gel have been tested by clinical studies.


Composition of ProVirilia


The composition of the ProVirilia includes a set of natural components, which basic effect is aimed at overcoming sexual dysfunction. Plant-based components increase the sensitivity of the glans penis, which stimulates a more powerful sexual arousal and orgasm. Among the wide list of gel ingredients, it is possible to identify the main active substances: water, menthol, caprylyl glycol, disodium EDTA, phenylpropanol, etc.


Why Buy ProVirilia?


Experts recommend buying ProVirilia gel because of its combined impact on the sexual function of the body. The effect of the external application remains for a long period. Its natural composition that contributes to a safe result.


How Long to Wait for a Positive Result?




The main advantage of using ProVirilia is that the expected beneficial effect comes already after 10-15 minutes after applying the gel to the surface of the penis. It is recommended to use the gel every time before sex.


Warranty and Delivery


ProVirilia is a patented product, which quality assurance is confirmed by the corresponding certificates and positive user reviews. Delivering goods to any region of the world is possible.


Comparative Characteristics of ProVirilia and Popular Analogs


The main difference between the ProVirilia intimate gel and its modern counterparts is its versatility. In addition to the positive effect on male sexual function, the ProVirilia is also used as a lubricant, which increases the sensitivity of female genitals.


If you want to deliver your second half an unsurpassed orgasm, then right now order the ProVirilia gel, which normalizes sexual capacities.

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