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A quick note from Dr. Anri Muller (Prof. DM) Vig Rx Plus is the only penis enlargement formula, that has been clinically approved to be effective. There are official documents published online and available for everyone. The Urology and Nephrology Center at the Clinic of TBN
Adam Smith M.D.
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There are many men who are not aware of the fact that the quality and intensity of sexual experiences have a direct impact on the relationship they have with their partner. So for many of them, staying strong in the bed for a long time is not something that they should think about, but they are wrong. In addition, there is an enormous number of men who don’t have the opportunity to experience a good love life. Worries, anxieties, and lack of self-esteem are some of the things that make enjoying sex impossible.


Specially designed male enhancement pills are always there to help such men solve their issues. With the help of these pills, men can gain better management of their erection and moment of ejaculation, improve the sexual performance and get more intense orgasms during sex.


Even though there are many male enhancement pills out there, the fact is that some of them are much better than the others. VigRx Plus Pills belong to the group of popular tablets that have dozens of positive online reviews, perfect reviews, and testimonies to support their effectiveness. The fact that they are easy to use and that they contain natural compounds makes them even more popular.


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What’s the science behind VigRx Plus pills?



Let’s be clear – VigRx Plus is actually a dietary supplement. In other words, these tablets are used as an addition to your regular diet. They are not packed with pharmaceutical drugs. On the contrary, they are loaded with natural herbs and extracts from plants that have been used for thousands of years.

In case you are wondering what exactly these pills do, you should know that they are primarily supplements that have the ability to improve male sex drive and deliver stamina and endurance for better sexual pleasure.


What makes VigRx Plus pills different is the fact that they were supported by a few respected scientists and doctors like Steven Lamm for example. Dr. Lamm is a well-known healthcare professional who gave interviews and had few appearances on popular TV channels like the View. In addition, Lamm is an author of a few scientific books focused on male sexual function and how to improve virility in men.


The numerous health benefits provided by VigRx Plus pills are possible thanks to the presence of a mixture of different natural aphrodisiacs and other useful ingredients. The majority of these compounds, powders, and extracts have been used as natural remedies in traditional medicine of many countries for centuries.

The ingredients that originate from plants are excellent for the production of testosterone too, and they can help guys solve many different sexual problems. Also, VigRx Plus pills boost the erectile response and let men start sexual activities and maintain these activities for hours if they want.

There is evidence that this product also increases fertility. So, men and women who want to have a baby should definitely try it.


VigRx Plus boosts the blood circulation in the penis which leads to powerful erections and dealing ED (erectile dysfunction) is not something that affects the final result of taking these pills.


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What do VigRx Plus pills contain?


As we already said, the developers of this powerful product believe that everything we need to improve our libido and our sex life, in general, is provided by Mother Nature. But, instead of looking for these ingredients, they have created one product that contains ten well-known libido boosters and aphrodisiacs in perfect doses. The blend will help men get everything they were looking for in the bed.


These are some of the ingredients contained in VigRx Plus:


  1. Hawthorn berry – this berry is great for blood circulation. It stimulates better blood flow to the penis leading to better and longer erections.
  2. Saw palmetto
  3. Muira puama – this herb, which grows naturally in Brazil, has the ability to improve sexual function, and it is especially useful in older men. It can help people with degenerative nervous issues and acts as both sexuality booster and nerve tonic.
  4. Damiana
  5. Epimedium
  6. Bioperine
  7. Catuaba bark extract
  8. Gingko Biloba
  9. Asian red ginseng – people in Korea have used red ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction in the past.

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This specific mixture of healthy ingredients provides very good results which were confirmed by several clinical studies. According to the manufacturer, they have performed these clinical studies to show the world that their original formula is efficient and that men can expect a myriad of health benefits from it.


The most important test lasted for more than 80 days. Once the trial was finished, the scientists have determined that almost 65% of participants had the chance to keep their erection for a longer time. 3 out of 4 participants enjoyed more intense sexual pleasure, and half of them witnessed an increased sex drive.


The advantages of using VigRx Plus Pills



VigRx Plus is a dietary supplement based on natural ingredients and a clinical study conducted by the manufacturer has shown that the product is very efficient in different categories of men. If you decide to use this product you can expect many different benefits.


For starters, we must point out that there are no records of any side effects associated with VigRx Plus pills, which is very important. In addition, the product comes with a reasonable 2-month money back guarantee. Additionally, those who will buy a package for four months will get special exercises for enlargement of the penis.

What is even better is the fact that there are some discount packages too in case you want to order pills for more than one month.


The disadvantages of using VigRx Plus Pills


If we compare this product to other similar products, we will notice that VigRx is a little bit expensive. But, this product delivers results which matter the most.


Final thoughts


VigRx Plus pills represent high-quality pills for male enhancement. After a successful clinical study, the manufacturer has decided to offer their product on the market. Ever since then, hundreds of men have been able to improve their sex life.


How to order VigRX Plus

VigRx Plus formula is available worldwide. It's recommended to buy this supplement on the official site to get the original product, the best price, and gifts. The manufacturer of VigRx Plus LeadingEdgeHealth gives an official 60-day money-back guarantee. Official site -

Special offer
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This is the best male enhancement product I could find. It's clinically approved to be effective, that's why I bought it. I did not use my money back guarantee, because I saw the real growth of my penis. I'm not talking about the additional benefits: more powerful erections, better stamina, multiple orgasms. I'm 1 inch bigger than before after 2 months since I started to take vigrx. I'm planning to exercises my penis to get even better results


I agree, vig rx plus is working, and it's better than viagra or cialis, because of the ingredients inside the formula. I don't know why FDA did not approve it officially? There's no need to take drugs. I was upset about my erection and stamina for more than three years. I did not know any viagra alternative before I bought vig rx. I'm telling you guys, you need to find products like this one to boost your sexual desire and erection for hours


I bought 6 months supply and pretty happy with the results received: more intense orgasm, longer and wider erections, fast recovery time. My penis stays erected for about 5 minutes right after the ejaculation. ANd my penis size is 1 inch bigger now, I don't know why there's no information about additional penis size increase on the official website?


I am a satisfied custmer, I see the results after one month of using Vigrx formula. It's recommended to treat low erection. I know it's a common problem most men suffer from. I'm 54 and I can't imagine my sexual life without this pill. That's truth, you need to take pills to improve erection. I tried exercises, special diet, etc. Nothing worked


Vig Rx works better than any other male enhancement supplement i've bought: vimax, sizepro, extenze, leyzene. I don't know why i've spent so much money to get zero results. Viagra is a chemical product and I suffered from side effects with it, vig rx is the only formula that has been clinically approved to boost erection and penis size(when erected). Read penis enlargement forums to learn that vigrx helps to increase penis size due to its active ingredients. 6 months supply is the best choise


I'm an aged man with impotence and I want to confirm the effectiveness of this formula. I use it 3 months already, only 1 pill a day. My sexual life became fantastic - powerful orgasms, increased stamina and bigger penis


I use Vigrx plus, because it's working - more power to my erection, bigger penis length and girth. It's really noticable even after 30 days. I think I can get even better results. It is essential to make exercises at least 5 minutes a day, but I've had received zero results without vig rx. I can compare my results before vig rx and after, the difference is huge. It's worth to buy at leas 2 bottles of vigrx

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