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Adam Smith M.D.
Detailed review of Semenax

American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology



That remedy is for men, for whom it was difficult to get powerful, strong, and lasting orgasms with an impressive amount of ejaculate. And those guys say that Semenax is better than any other tablets and helps to increase the amount of sperm for ejaculation. What kind of result is needed? Of course, the more is better. Increasing the ejaculate by 500% is an incredible success for a lover who can be proud of. Semenax does not just promise this result because thousands of men on the forums claim that this is an achievable goal.


Why Is The Amount Of Sperm Important For Sex?


It's all in our subconscious. Men and women want sex at the level of instincts: smells, primary and secondary sexual characteristics, and the penis is a tool for obtaining pleasure and procreation. The amount of sperm is an indicator of male strength, pleasure, and domination.


If now your ejaculations are utterly insignificant, your partner will perceive you as such an average or below average lover. Who do you think you are? Did you hope that a woman will want you because she just likes putting your dick in her vagina?


Sex is mostly visual factors such as the length of the penis, its appearance, its width, duration of erection, and bright profuse ejaculation. A lot of women want like a movie ending with cum in her mouth or on her genitals, knowing that your ejaculation will be provided with a lot of sperm. This excites their emotions and gives an unforgettable impression.


But except for the partner, it is also essential for the author of ejaculations that he was delighted about his masterpiece.


What does firm ejaculation mean:


  1. A brighter sense of ejaculation;
  2. Incredible emotions;
  3. Confidence in your sexuality.


Semenax works better


Semenax works better in the background of other products. The result is noticeable in a week, an increase in the amount of sperm can go in jumps, while the growth is remarkable always during the taking of tablets. Men notice the maximum effect in 7-9 months. Most importantly that there is always a motivation to take Semenax since the effect is so tangible and visible that it is impossible to ignore.


We know what questions you might have about the use of the remedy:


  1. How safe is it?
  2. Can the effect be fixed forever?
  3. What do doctors say about the use of such supplements and do I need a prescription?
  4. How can I be sure that taking pills does not hurt me in any way?
  5. If there is no effect, what should I do?
  6. How to buy an original product at a discount?
  7. I want to make sure that this works. How to do it?


We will answer immediately and in essence.


It's safe because the Semenax product has received official medical certification and is recommended for sale around the world. Also, the manufacturer of tablets is the famous American pharmaceutical company Leading Edge Health, which you can trust. The formula is publicly known, and there are no hidden ingredients in it. The complex includes herbs and extracts, which have proven an effect on male potency and male sexual energy.


The result can be fixed for a period, and it all depends on your physiology and the reaction to the components of the formula. Sometimes the effect is set for 3-4 months without taking the tablets. After this period there are signs of a weakening effect. Do not forget that increased ejaculation is a stimulating process. It's no surprise that the result drains out, although not immediately if you refuse to take extracts and herbs.




Doctors say that such a supplements can give a temporary effect. This is what most men need. A small amount of sperm is not a disease, and it is not treated. We say that Semenax is a booster and enhancer. And it’s taking must be perceived in this way.


Confidence in the harmlessness of the formula is achieved by the exclusively natural herbs in its composition. Also, all the ingredients within the formula do not have allergic reactions. This is an absolute fact for everyone. The website details the official medical information about each component of the formula


Certainly, Semenax formula may be ineffective for someone. This is not an anomaly, but an individual reaction to the formula of the remedy. It will not be negative, but it may turn out that the formula does not bear significant changes in your sexual life. In this case, this must be reported to the Semenax support service, and you will necessarily return the money you paid.


It is easy to get lost and even get on Chinese fakes while a lot of sites sell the pills around the world. You should purchase from the official website of to prevent this.


A lot of men do not believe in the effectiveness of Semenax and similar drugs. At the same time, they are more than other males want to buy it. Well, you are a buyer, and you have a right to doubt and demand proof of the effectiveness of the product. What can we advise you:


  1. Look for interesting reviews. They are full on forums, on YouTube, and in social networks
  2. You can verify the quality of the product by studying the official medical reports on testing Semenax. You can access them on the official website and large medical portals.
  3. The sites like Google Answers or Yahoo Answers have many questions and answers about increasing the amount of semen, where Semenax is the most talked about product.




Those men, who want to increase potency, enlarge a penis, fix its curvature, get rid of premature ejaculation, or increase the amount of sperm, must know that everything is in your hands. If you doubt and fear, there won’t be any improvement in your sex life. If you study, explore, share your questions and collect answers to them, you can make your sex life much brighter. More emotions, more self-confidence, incredible sensations that belong to you and you only need to work on yourself and be a competent buyer. We hope our article will inspire you and motivate you to make your orgasms much stronger and more lasting. What is noteworthy, this does not require any exercises, and it is enough to monitor your diet and take the right extracts and herbs in the form of the formula.

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