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Volume Pills


A lot of men have issues with the volume of the semen that they can eject once they have an orgasm. The sad part is that this condition is hugely undiagnosed because most men are not that comfortable in admitting that their semen count is low. It’s not the manliest thing to brag about, to be certain. But there would be many benefits for any man if he were to produce a lot more semen when he orgasms. Well, what if we were to tell you that there is a way, in which you can naturally increase the volume of your semen?


If you ask women, most of them will report that the high volume of semen that their partner ejaculates when he orgasms are somewhat of a turn on. High volume when it comes to semen means that the male in question is highly fertile and virile and that his testosterone levels are naturally high. Apart from this – higher semen volume can help you increase the chances of pregnancy if that’s what you’re looking for. Well, if you want this to happen, we recommend you to try out the so-called Volume Pills. You can find more information on this product below.


What are Volume Pills and How Do They Work?


Volume Pills are exactly what the name says – pills. They have several ingredients and substances embedded within their structure, and these ingredients and substances all tend to exhibit sperm increasing effects. We’ll drill a bit more into exactly what these Volume Pills are made of down below, but for now, you just need to be aware that these tablets exhibit powerful effects on the volume of your semen. Some of these ingredients are vasodilators – meaning they will work on the blood vessels. The principal effect of a vasodilator is that it temporarily increases the size of your blood vessels, and this will, in turn, improve the blood flow around the body. And since we know that blood is really important in providing various organs of your body with oxygen and nutrients (including the penis and the testes) – you can quickly see how powerful this effect can be.


Some other ingredients are also known as natural increasers of the all-important male hormone – testosterone. Testosterone will give you vitality and virility, all in one, and is indeed the key most important hormone when it comes to exhibiting manly, virile traits. Now you can increase it naturally with our Volume Pills.



Volume Pills work



Finally, there are several ingredients that work synergistically with one another in order to improve the state of the health of the penis. What you will realize once you use these pills is that you will be able to maintain a lot stronger erections than you ever had before and that your penis function will also be improved significantly. To be fair, though, there are many additional ways, in which the Volume Pills will affect the volume of your semen, but we have mentioned some of the most powerful and most important ways.


What’s Inside the Volume Pills?


As we’ve mentioned, there are several key ingredients in the Volume Pills that will help you increase the volume of your semen when you orgasm. A lot of people have an instinctive dislike when it comes to tablets – they feel like they’re made in the laboratory and that they aren’t “natural”. While it’s commendable that people really wish to take care of their health, we still feel that this is not something that they should do when it comes to the Volume Pills. This is because they are made entirely from natural ingredients. There will be no dangerous chemicals to be found in the Volume Pills that you will use, so there is really nothing to worry about when it comes to the “naturalness” of the ingredients. We’ll now mention some of the essential components of the Volume Pills.


The principal ingredient is called Solidin. This is a herbal compound that increases dopamine production, which has been scientifically proven that it will increase the pleasure that you will derive from having sex. Also, dopamine production is a key element when it comes to your overall sex drive – you will be a lot hornier proportionally with the increase in the volume of dopamine in your brain.


Xi Lan Rou Gui is the second most essential ingredient, and it’s also a herb. When you read the name out loud, you will immediately realize that the herb comes from China. This herb has shown properties of vasodilation, which, as you remember from our introduction, is increasing the size of the blood vessels. This means that more blood will flow to the penis, and this will improve its overall state and functionality.


Ku Gua is yet another Chinese herb that works to reduce the levels of your body fat. This is really important because of the significance of body fat when it comes to testosterone production – more body fat equals less testosterone, and less virility in turn.


What’s Good About the Volume Pills?


1 month

2 months


Semen volume increased by 25%


Bigger appetite for sex



Semen volume increased by 50%


Greater control over erections, more blood flow to the penis


6 months

12 months


Semen volume increased by 150%


Nigger, harder erections on demand



Semen volume increased by 500%


Increased testosterone, more intense orgasms, huge staying power




We have already amply discussed of the several beneficial effects of the Volume Pills. What you can expect, though, is a massive increase in the volume of semen that you eject during orgasm. The pills are wholly natural, and you won’t have to be afraid of consuming dangerous chemicals that may ruin your health. Also, they come with a relatively low price, so when you compare what you get to how much you have to pay for it – you will realize that it’s a really worthy investment.


What’s Bad About the Volume Pills?


The only bad thing that we can discern from the use of these pills is that they take somewhat of a long time to begin showing their magic. You will have to take them for no less than 60 days in order to see the effects. But once you go through this period, you will be surprised at just how potent they are.


Final Verdict


In summary, the Volume Pills will improve your virility significantly. You can expect that you will eject a lot more semen and that your sex drive will increase as well. We advise you to try them out and see the results for yourself.

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