Best penis extenders, that work
Quick Extender Pro Brief information
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| Success rate: 95% |

Quick Extender Pro is a penis enlargement device that claims you will gain an inch just in one month of wearing this tool. Thousands of customer reviews are available for your reading on the official site. Quick Extender Pro is comfortable and effective in the same way. It also promises to correct your curved penis. Read our medical review of this product

Male Edge Brief information
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| Success rate: 95% |

MaleEdge is a penis enlarger of a new generation. It promises you safe and natural penis growth. More than 500 000 customers have reported their success with Male Edge. According to the latest medical studies (BJUI, CE CERTIFICATE), MaleEdge uses the best penis traction technology to provide real penis enlargement results. Read more

SizeGenetics Brief information
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| Success rate: 95% |

Size Genetics claims to be the most powerful penis enhancement tool on the market today. It promises to give you amazing results or they will return your money back. It's strongly recommended to read this review to decide if it's worth to buy

Jes Extender Brief information
Votes (226)
Comments (5)
| Success rate: 95% |

Jes Extender is a popular penis extender, that uses penis traction method. What's so unique about it? It's comfortable, effective and safe to use. It's made of quality materials, it's medically approved and it's widely advertised in BBC, Channel4, Men's Health and Playboy. Jes Extender is present on the market since 1194. Do you want to learn more facts about the product? Read here

X4 Labs Brief information
Votes (208)
Comments (3)
| Success rate: 93% |

X4Labs is one of the top selling penis extenders on the penis enlargement market. It has plenty of packages. The technology includes dual comfort straps, silicone tubes, utrafit velcro. The design of X4Labs is really unique and it's the most researched and potent penis enlargement extender you can find. Need more facts? Click here to read our review

Gnetics Extender Brief information
Votes (152)
Comments (1)
| Success rate: 85% |

Gnetics Extender is a penis enlargement device that can increase your pens size between 1 and 3 inches.

ProExtender Brief information
Votes (118)
Comments (3)
| Success rate: 95% |

ProExtender is a penis enlargement system that is approved by urologists and plastic surgeons all over the world. It offers you 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% money back if you are not happy with results.

Phallosan Forte Brief information
Votes (105)
Comments (5)
| Success rate: 93% |

PHALLOSAN Forte is the best penis enlargement device on the market today. It claims to combat different male penis problems, including erectile dysfunction and penile curvature; increase penis in length and circumference, and enhance post-operative prostate treatment. Take a look closer at Phallosan Forte in our review.

PeniMaster Brief information
Votes (157)
Comments (4)
| Success rate: 95% |

PeniMaster is a belt expander system for men who want to increase the length of their penises, improve the erection, and enlarge glans. It is clinically proven and doctor approved device that is comfortable to use. We have reviewed Penimaster to show you how it works and why to buy this device

Pro Long System Brief information
Votes (82)
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| Success rate: 93% |

Pro Long System is a penis enlarger for increasing manhood length and girth most effectively and safely.


Best Penis Extender Review and Comparison

X4Labs, Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro are incredibly effective for permanent penis enlargement in 2019. But you need to follow the product instructions to make your penis enlargement routine more effective. So, what it's consist of?

  1. You need to wear the device for about 4-5 hours a day. A penis extender is pretty comfortable, but you must try it first to be sure it's suited to you
  2. Do not forget to buy additional spare parts. There are lots of information on forums about the spare parts needed for every enlarger
  3. Read and copy all the penis enlargement programs, that have been tested by respected penis forums members
  4. Download or watch online video instructions, try to gently exercise your penis
  5. You have to write every exercise you make and note the results daily
  6. It's better to combine penis exercises and penis stretching. You can follow Jelqing or Kegels routine
  7. Buy male enhancement pills to increase your erection level
  8. Do not buy extenders on Amazon, because you can get a better price while ordering from the official site of the device


How does penis traction work?

It is a common question, but the answers can be different. First of all, we need to tell you about the technology and how it helps to achieve results. You can read this information in every review we’ve made for this site.
The most important question 2019 is which penis enlarging device will work for you and how to save money because penis extenders are not cheap.


First of all, we need to research the market. Which products can we highlight? The top-rated penis extenders 2019: Penimaster, Jes Extender, MaleEdge Device, Phallosan, Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, X4labs. Never try any homemade stretchers, it's dangerous. Read reviews before you buy any device.

How to use a penis extender?

Once you’ve bought the penis stretcher, you need to create your penis growth strategy. It will include:

  1. Daily usage
  2. Daily penis enlargement exercises
  3. You need to follow the instruction to wear the penis enlargement device, to warm up your penis and so on. There are pictures and videos of the model that will help you.
    We recommend you to buy top-rated products of 2019, that is widely discussed on forums, you can see before and after photo, you can get a money-back guarantee, you can read specifications and medical certificates.


How to use a penis stretching device?

It’s pretty simple. You have to look for the success rate, testimonials, price, side effects. You can enlarge your penis by 4 inches in a few months if your strategy wins. We have reviewed 20 products.

The present-day market offers dozens or even hundreds of tools. However, all of them are copies of each other to a smaller or greater extent. There's a whole range of criteria to determine a really efficient and safe device. These rules narrow down the range of products to a dozen of healthy ones. However, we are going to choose a way that is easier for you as a customer. We are going to talk about the top five penis extenders, according to the opinion of experts, doctors, and customers.

As a rule, if the product is effective and capable of resolving the given tasks (enlarging the penis, enhancing the user's potency, straightening out the penis curve), both experts and regular customers can notice and appreciate such a result. This is exactly what we need: fewer promises, more effectiveness.

Cock extenders before and after pictures

You have to look at before and after pictures before making the purchase of a penis stretcher. You can find these pictures on forums and medical sites

What do you need to know?

The cock traction technique is the foundation principle of the efficacy of extenders. Surgeons have been employing this method as a post-surgery therapy for many years. In fact, its results are even better than those of surgical interventions. But few people talk about this. A device is put on the penis and worn for a period of time, during which it stretches the organ to make it longer and thicker, as well as to correct the curvature if any.

However, not every penis stretcher device is capable of fulfilling the above task, so our mission is to:

  1. Find the best penis extender on the market;
  2. Buy it without overpaying;
  3. Avoid buying a fake product of Chinese make;
  4. Receive a warranty from the manufacturer;
  5. Understand how to use the product without any painful sensations;
  6. Minimize the risks of undermining the sexual functions of your body;
  7. Achieve a long-lasting result that will not vanish after some time;
  8. Purchase a non-allergic device;
  9. Purchase a product that is comfortable to use;
  10. Buy a penis device that is capable of implementing a complex penis enlargement program;
  11. Purchase a tool for which you can always find and buy spare parts, should the need arise;
  12. Buy a device for which detailed and easy-to-understand instructions are available (photos, a video guide, etc.).

    As you see, the task we are facing isn't an easy one. In this article, we will describe all the intricacies and secret facts, which you can neither read somewhere else nor learn from a specialist.

So, first of all, let's answer the question: How does a penis extender work?


Various medical review websites will reassure you that penile traction is indeed an effective penis enhancement routine. Yes, it is considered an alternative method and not included in the list of first-magnitude medical practices. But no one has stated it fails to work either.

The biggest advantage of this method is: while using the penile enlarging device, you do not have to perform any exercises, take pills, etc. Your penis is guaranteed to grow bigger in both length and girth, and this process is controllable and painless, provided that you use a high-quality product and strictly follow the instructions. Men who use extenders really notice a result: the penis grows 1-4 inches bigger.

Of course, for a man who's decided to use this penis traction method and already spent a lot of money on the device, the biggest difficulty lies in the fact the result will not be instantaneous. The amount of effort you have to put in the endeavor is really significant.

Try visiting any of the numerous forums devoted to the theme of penis traction, where hundreds of thousands of men join their knowledge and share their experience in using penis stretching techniques. You'll see for yourself how many posts about successful results achieved with the help of penis devices the forum frequenters have made. Charge yourself with the positive energy of their achievements. Remember that getting your penis to grow bigger has been the dream of your life.

Let us get some more motivation right now, which will give us a better understanding of why pens extension is effective:

  1. With a larger penis, you'll become a more skilled lover who is capable of satisfying the woman by stimulating her G-spot. There's virtually no other way for her to receive a vaginal orgasm.
  2. A large penis attracts younger and more inexperienced partners. Even if you are over 40 years of age, your large penis will make you an attractive target for 20-year-old girls. These medical statistics are based on the conclusions of sexologists. According to them, if a male's genital is large, it makes him a more attractive partner in the eyes of females and they crave sex with him.
  3. A huge penis invites the woman to give you a blowjob since girls are subconscious willing to surrender to an impressive penis. It is a symbol of male domination and attractiveness. The girls themselves will initiate blowjobs in the most unexpected locations. Do not deny them (and yourself) this pleasure.
  4. A big penis is large not only when hard. The increase in its size is visible even in the flaccid state. Do you remember casting envious glances at other men's tight-fitting swimming briefs while at the beach? Even at home, your skin-tight underwear will work as an advantageous reminder to your partner of her desire to have sex with you. When a woman looks at your underwear that fails to hide the pronounced outline of your big penis, she has a subconscious desire to have sex with you. The rest is a matter of your skills.
  5. You've certainly noticed that when you hug a woman, you want to grope her butt. Similarly, when a woman hugs you, she wants to grasp your penis. If the organ is small and difficult to find in the underwear, it's a huge disappointment for both the woman and the man who has to express his sexual attractiveness vividly.
  6. A big penis grants you visible confidence even in the gym locker room. Men who are confident in themselves take off their underpants and walk around with their penises dangling as if reminding you that yours is small and laughable.
  7. Finally, a big penis grants you lots of confidence in any situation: you easily establish sexual contacts with women; your big penis encourages you to conquer new sexual partners. It's a huge desire that arises on the level of instincts. In prehistoric times, a man with a large, hard penis could conquer a woman and score with her right here and right now, no arguments. A large penis is the source of strength, domination, power and sexual desire.

    In fact, these seven main reasons to increase your penis length and girth do not cover every point of advantage. You could find dozens of other reasons why making your penis larger is worth it. However, now all means are good for achieving this purpose. We have to select the best one.

More tips on usage


  1. You have to put your penis inside the plastic Basel Ring.
  2. Fix the glans penis with the help of the convenient silicone insert; make sure you are not experiencing any discomfort. Many manufacturers offer all kinds of special accessories to help you achieve the maximum level of comfort.
  3. Adjust the level of traction to make sure it's both comfortable and effective. Remember: the greater the tension, the more effective the penis enlargement process is. However, you should feel comfortable. High-quality devices give you full control over this adjustment.
  4. As your penis grows, you will be able to use different setups that correspond to the new length of your penis.

A Complex Program For The Effective Use Of A Penis Extender: What Should It Be Like


  • To ensure that the penis traction process delivers results, you should develop your own strategy for the use of the device. It should cover the following points: the number of hours during which the device is in use; the off-time duration; the setup of the traction level; the preparation to the use of the device
  • It's important to keep track of your sensations; any pain is unacceptable. Even if you want to achieve a result as fast as possible, a painful sensation indicates that something has gone wrong or that your extension device isn't worth a row of pins.
  • Pay attention to how you feel after using the tool. If you have vivid pain symptoms, if uncomfortable sensations in your penis annoy you for a long time, then your program needs to be refined.
  • Be careful not to go overboard. Many men wear the extender day and night, which is wrong. Let your penis rest in-between the traction sessions. After all, when you hit the gym to bulk up, you always take a break between reps, as well as between visits to the gym. The penis needs time to restore after being stretched; this is how the result is achieved.


Possible Side Effects And Problems

Side effects in the form of pain or more severe problems can occur only as a result of using a poor-quality, cheap device or improper safety techniques. These two causes of issues should not discourage you from using the penis traction method. Just approach the endeavor correctly and intelligently. Penis enlargement isn't magic; it's a thought-out and well-planned step to achieve a result naturally.


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