Male Enhancement Creams, that Improve an Erection in SECONDS

Male Enhancement Creams, that Improve an Erection in SECONDS
Male Enhancement Creams, that Improve an Erection in SECONDS 3.11/5 (62.29%) 96 votes

Based on Medical Experts Reviews

Nowadays, the male enhancement industry offers us an enormous variety of erection creams designed for men and claiming to improve the size as well as the duration of penile erections. However, you should remember that not all of them are good and some products can cause severe side effects and harm to your health.

Prosolution Gel
The best erection gel today is called ProSolution Gel and it’s clinically approved to work in minutes

To facilitate your decision, we have defined four erection enhancement creams within the industry today. You should only choose the best one for you and enjoy your new sexual sensations.

Top rated male enhancement creams, gels, and oils in 2019

Brand Size Increase
#1 ProSolution Gel 1-3 inches
#2 Maxoderm 1 inch
#3 VigRx Oil 1 inch
#4 Titan Gel 1 inch


#1 ProSolution Gel (875 votes)


Brief review:

ProSolution Gel is considered to be the best male enhancement cream around the world in 2019. The first reason is that it can be applied when you need it: during your sexual encounter (before vaginal penetration) or when doing your penis enhancement exercises.

It is quite simple to use the gel: just squeeze a liberal drop and apply it directly to your penis similar to a lubricant.

ProSolution Gel contains an appropriate amount of nitric oxide. This chemical compound is reported to increase blood flow to the penile chambers, especially the corpora cavernosa.

When these chambers are filled with blood, an erection takes place. The more blood goes to your penis, the stronger erection you get.

Thus, the gel helps improve erections in men. Firmer, harder, and longer-lasting erections prolong your sexual performance and make your orgasms more explosive. Click here to visit

Good to know
If you use the erection cream based on nitric oxide regularly, you can notice that your penis becomes larger (in length and circumference), and your erections are longer-lasting.

ProSolution Gel does not leave any greasy spots and has no aroma. As it contains natural ingredients, neither you nor your partner will experience any side effects, including numbness or rash. The cream is safe for both partners.


1 month supply –   $49.95
2 months supply – $89.95
3 months supply – $129.95

Quick Prosolution Gel facts:

Money-back guarantee: 67 days
Results: instant
Benefits: rock-solid erections, super staying power, longer lasting orgasms
Approved by: 
Dr. G.Alexander (M.IH Medical Herbalist)
Official customers: 1 560 000 (May 2018)
The manufacturer: 
Years on the market: 10+
Official website:


Visit the official ProSolution Gel website

#2 Maxoderm(490 votes)


Brief review:

Maxoderm is a male enhancement cream produced by Barmensen Labs. You can easily find it online in 2019 and on various websites and marketer sites. So, it takes no time and efforts to make your order and give it a try.

The official website ( offers its customers 120-days money back guarantee. So, you have four months to decide whether the cream works for you.

How does it work?

 This cream is designed to maximize your erections, boost sexual libido and increase stamina. Maxoderm is very simple in use: you should apply it directly to your penis for 5 to 10 minutes following the application recommendations of the manufacturer. 

It starts working immediately, and the first visible results will appear in 8 to 12 weeks.
This water-based cream contains only natural ingredients, including:

  • L-Arginine,
  • Sunflower Seed Oil,
  • Panax Ginseng,
  • Muira Puama,
  • Saw Palmetto,
  • and Catuaba.

This Maxoderm formula will not block your skin pores but naturally, enhance your sexual health. If you want to find out more about the Maxoderm’s formula, get some medical advice and read the success stories. Please visit website


1-month package –   $59.95
2 months package – $109.95
3 months package – $154.95
4 months package – $199.95

Quick Maxoderm facts:

Approved by: Dr. Machael A.Savino, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Results: Instant
Money-back guarantee: 60 days
Free bonuses: 
Years on the market:
Customers worldwide: 800 000
Official website:

Visit the official Maxoderm website

#3 VigRx Oil(190 votes)

Brief review:

VigRx Oil is a well-known product for fast topical male enhancement. It gives instant arousal, high sexual performance, and powerful erection. Sometimes men believe, that they need months to rid off the Erectile Dysfunction.

But, in fact, if you use the right herbal cream or oil, you can expect to see significant sexual improvement without any efforts.

This oil includes Ginko Biloba, Muira Puama, and Catuaba Bark, which widely increase your sexual desire and stamina. You are secured with a 60 days money-back guarantee, to make sure you’re satisfied.

More than ten years of research and clinical tests show the amazing success rate among men from all around the world. VigRx Oil is not expensive, and you can evaluate this product instantly. Buy directly from the manufacturer

1-month package –  $49.95
3 months package – $109.95
6 months package – $209.80
1-year package –      $399.95

Quick VigRx Oil facts:

Money-back guarantee: 60 days
Success rate:
Benefits: i
nstant arousal, transdermal delivery, high tissue absorption, more endurance
Years on the market:
Customers: 1 400 000
Official website:

Visit official Vig Rx oil website

#4 Titan Gel(179 votes)

Brief review:

Titan Gel is an effective penis enhancement cream, that works better than any pill. The results are topical, but if you want to improve your penis hardness instantly, it’s worth to try TitanGel.

You can apply the gel, which costs only $49, and the job is done. 1 000 000 men are looking for titan gel online, but it’s available only in certain countries. And one more thing – nobody knows for sure what is an official Titan Gel website.

It is a problem because there is only one official online store in every country, where Titan Gel is available. What’s weird, is that Titan Gel is not available for purchase in the United States. So if you’re from the US, you can forget about Titan Gel.

So, here’s the truth – Titan Gel is the most powerful penis enlargement and male enhancement product around the globe. It’s cheap; you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to become hard and stay longer in bed. Why it’s rated #4 in this rating? Because it’s available in 18 countries only. If you’re lucky to live in those 18, then go ahead and order it online(the list of countries is listed below).

What is so unique in Titan Gel’s formula?

It’s a big secret, and the manufacturer shows an only official list of ingredients, but the key ingredient, which is responsible for penis growth stays unknown. Yes, it’s on the list – but its role is hidden. That’s why millions of men are looking for this treatment.

If you want to get a better penis enlargement effect, you should use Titan Gel while you exercise your penis. The technique is pretty simple, and it takes only 5 minutes to work out. But you will need 3-12 months to enlarge penis by 3-4 inches.

To make sure it’s working, please visit titan gel threads on the main penis enlargement forums like thundersplace, matterforsize or pegym.

Are you ready to order Titan Gel, then click on your country link to visit the official site directly and place an order

Buy Titan Gel in your country

Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania, Vietnam, Greece, Russian Federation, Estonia, The Czech Republic


1 tube – $49

Bottom Line

Pros and cons
No matter what cream of those four: ProSolution GelMaxodermVigRx oil or Titan Gel you chose in 2019, you should strictly follow the recommendations of the manufacturer related to the dosage, times of use and application method. Please remember that enough is as good as a feast, so do not exceed with the cream!

These products are creams rather than any miracle ointments. So, you should expect real results and they cannot make your erections as hard as a rock in the blink of an eye. Natural ingredients require some time to be stored in your body and start acting.

You can use these products as lubricants when doing your penile exercises. They will facilitate your workout process and help get higher effects.

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