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The Causes Of Impotence In Male
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Impotence is a failure in the men to achieve the erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Women fortunately for themselves do not have to worry about that but men do. Impotence probably has many causes: it could be toxic, it could be hormonal, and it could be circulatory.

Today the treatment of impotence in men centers around the drug called Viagra. And yes, Viagra works, there is no doubt about it. It does have problems though and it is not really addressing the cause. There is also Staxyn, it is designed especially for erectile dysfunction treatment.


We’re seeing and then an epidemic of hormone dysfunction. Testosterone levels are declining. And, in fact, low testosterone levels are the major cause of heart disease. One of the biggest predicted risk factors for heart disease is a man who cannot get an erection. That man is could be headed for heart disease because testosterone levels are very important for the function of the heart.


Testosterone itself raises the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which is important for heart function and blood supply to the penis, for filling an erection. Low levels of testosterone can lead to low libido and low nitric oxide.

Other circulation problems, we have an epidemic of circulation problems in this country in both men and women, not just in the coronary disease, but also it can be in the heart, it can be in the pelvis and reduce blood circulation to the penis.

Treatments for that will include cleaning up the body and addressing all the factors I mentioned earlier, such as oxidation therapy and anything we can do to improve circulation.

There are many herbs that can be used as an alternative to Viagra. Yohimbe is one of them. It depends on your individual which one you may choose.


Zinc is deficient in many men and Zinc is central for normal testicular function, testosterone production, and sperm production.

There are other ways to treat impotence. The psychological aspect is the major factor. Since Viagra came out that is been downplayed. They start saying that it is all physiologic, but there many men who take a small amount of Viagra and they can get an erection and perform sexually. And after they do that for 2-3 times they don’t need the Viagra again. What is that say? That said, that something has happened to the man that caused a fear and anxiety or psychological disturbance that did cause a physiologic dysfunction. When the man took the Viagra and was able to achieve an erection and perform for a couple of times, the fear then was gone and he was able to function normally afterward.

Surely psychological aspects have to be looked at and a good partnership between a man and a woman is absolutely essential. There has to be love on both sides; the woman needs to be very loving, understanding, and sensitive to the man as the man has to be to the woman.

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