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Debunking the Myths about Male Enhancement Drugs
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Nowadays, talks about sex are not taboo. You can find as much information as you need on the Internet and TV, in the magazines or advertisements. People can discuss their sex problems with health care providers, friends, and sex experts and choose the best way out. And it is essential for both women and men that they desire enhancement.

Meanwhile, sex industry does not sleep. Lots of companies claim that they know how to enhance your sex life, improve sexual function and give you unbelievable sexual sensations. They promise to solve your problems in bed and make you sex giants, boosting your self-confidence and satisfying your partner. And it is a pill of wonder that can make your sexual dreams come true.

But do the companies tell the truth? Do we have those miracle supplements that enhance our sex life? Yes, we have, but the makers forget to caution us about possible side effects or, in some cases, adverse reactions that can aggravate our health instead. You can experience dizziness, nausea, headaches, loss of desire, and even erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that occurs when a man cannot get or maintain a penile erection during sexual activity. It prevents him from having sex. It can hit men of any age though men above 40 or suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological problems or high blood pressure have a higher risk.


If you are among men who are seeking for any enhancement supplements, do not hurry. Before you start taking them, you should know that you are not alone. Hundreds of men have sexual problems, and most of them are not a medical dysfunction. Hundreds of men complain of low libido and stamina, short-lasting sexual intercourses, soft or no erections, premature ejaculation when they – in most cases – are not medical conditions.

These complaints can cause stress, depression, and problems with partners. And most men do not want to discuss their sexual issues with doctors, girls or wives. They prefer fixing them quickly by taking the so-called male enhancement pills that promise immediate help.

Stop, breathe ou, and think a bit. No pill can improve your life immediately. You should identify your problem before you start solving it. Please define what disturb you, try to understand how your body and brain work and what they need. Maybe, you just need to relax, sound and secure sleep or change your diet. These simple steps can improve your sex life for better with no male enhancement pills.

And, what is more important, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve and control nonprescription enhancement supplements (capsules or liquids). So, you can’t be sure that they contain safe ingredients or cause no side effects. None of the nonprescription drugs undergo clinical trials and tests -“ and you don’t know whether they are effective, safe and how they interact with any other medicine.


And sometimes, it is quite difficult to find out what ingredients these male enhancement supplements contain and their dosage. The makers say that they do not want to disclose their secret formula while hiding behind it dangerous prescription elements. Some herbals can cause harm to your health when used for an extended period or with other drugs.

Some supplements contain testosterone that can enlarge the prostate gland and lead to prostate cancer.

The male enhancement industry widely uses yohimbine. Though it increases blood flow, it can lower blood pressure or cause heart stress in men who have vascular or heart conditions when taken in large amounts. The range between a potent dose and dangerous dose is very narrow.


Please remember that the overdose or misuse of herbal supplements can be dangerous and cause adverse reactions. Priapism is one of the serious side-effects. It is an abnormal erection that can last for hours and cause pain. If priapism occurs without sexual stimulation, it can cause erectile dysfunction and require surgical intervention.

When you suffer from any sexual dysfunction, including lower arousal, soft erections, quick ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, do not try to get rid of it by yourself. You should visit your health care provider to diagnose your problem. In most cases, these dysfunctions are caused by age, irregular sleep, inadequate rest or diet. And you need no drugs or supplements.


Otherwise, the urologist can prescribe drugs that are approved and controlled by the FDA, including Viagra and Bigralis. They help men with impotence but must be taken under doctor’s supervision.

Remember – no amateur actions, but a healthy lifestyle and doctor’s recommendations.

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