How I’ve Learned To Live With Impotence in 2018

How I’ve Learned To Live With Impotence in 2018
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The problem with many men is they will not ready to accept their erectile dysfunction issue; they try maximum to hide from others. Erectile dysfunction can be permanent or for the time being also, during that period men cannot be able to engage in the sexual activity. So this is not just going to affect physically but also mentally. It may come in any age, as per the report one among ten is facing this problem.

The worst thing about it is the men who got impotence issue cannot satisfy their partner, so this may lead to divorce and other problems. Are you or your friends are facing this problem? Then make them feel healthy because they are curable with the proper treatment.

Impotence can arise due to two reasons one is due to mental stress, and other is due to a health condition. Age is the primary cause of the erectile dysfunction. The risk of erectile dysfunction starts in the late forties, we may not be able to say it surely that it will affect all who are in forties, but the risk is more only at that age. To have a satisfying physical relationship one should feel active physically and mentally.

Certain medical conditions may also affect it


When you are having the following issues like obesity, sleep disorder, diabetics, multiple sclerosis, low testosterone, Parkinson’s disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, hypertension and enlarged prostate, etc. – the risk of impotence is high. Hormone plays a vital role in our body, when it is not working properly we face many issues. Male energy level decreases to the core due to this condition, the good habit, and healthy food avoids many health problems. So in 2018 prevent the alcohol consumption, drugs, and other health hazard patterns. Alcohol affects the brain activity to engage in the healthy physical activity; your brain should cooperate the only you can get the happiness.

Whoever using the tablets or drugs often, even those may not get the satisfaction in their sexual life. No matter whether you are using prescribed medicines or others – all drugs have certain nature so that they may affect the male organ in different ways. So only many professionals ask their patients to avoid the drugs as much as possible. Certain drugs directly hit the nerve system. So make sure you are taking medicines only when it is needed and try maximum to avoid it.

Instead of feeling depressed, shy and embarrassed, share your problems with your partner and try to figure out their opinion. When you talk openly with your partner that itself save your marriage life. Many men have a fear to accept it with their partners due to their ego and fear, half of the men concerns that their partner may leave them or engage with others due to their erectile dysfunction. Many couples are happy with each other even during the impotence period. Just try to solve this issue together so that you can avoid at least mental stress.



Do not judge your problem without taking necessary measures

When men start to learn about their impotence, the first thing they try is Viagra only, but it may go to make your situation even more worst. One can solve ED by natural methods, also in 2018 medical field has grown rapidly, we can find solutions easily for all kind of problems. Natural based treatment may take the time to solve your problem, but you can enjoy the result without any side effects. First analyze the reason behind your impotence, based on that you should find the solution. For example, if it arises due to obesity, then go for walking, jogging or exercise, try to reduce your weight. For the mental stress, changing your lifestyle is the right option, try to bring some change in your daily life.

Acupuncture also can give you fastest solution without any side effects, but make sure that you are with the right team. Only the well qualified and experienced person can treat you well.

Amino acids most of the people fail to understand the importance of it, but this acid helps you from many medical problems. Our bodies can secret this acid naturally, but due to certain reason, it may fail to do that on those times food helps you to solve it.

You can also use special creams for better erections, for example, RigiDerm.

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