Male Enhancement Questions

Male Enhancement Questions
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Male enhancement is of great interest among men from all over the world. And it does not matter whether they are farmers from Mali or scientists from the USA. Men of all ages and professions dream about strong virility, long-lasting performance, and explosive orgasms. They are looking for potent and safe products that can enlarge their penis and improve sexual health dramatically. They are trying different male enlargement methods, including pills, gels, devices, and even surgeries. And there is no wonder that men have tons of questions.

Here are ten questions about male erection hardness products that are most frequently asked.

Do male growing pills work?

Yes and no – both answers are correct. It is the same as to answer the question whether apples are tasty? Yes and no – some of them are incredible while others are less tasty.

Before we answer this question, we have studied a lot of literature, consulted with colleagues in the scientific sphere, and did own research. Based on the results, we can say the most of male sexual supplements contain powders and herbals that usually cause no improvement. So, most of them are just waste of your money. However, most of them does not mean all of them.

Today, the penis enhancement industry does offer potent supplements that can make your manhood larger and your health stronger, for example, Growmax plus. When choosing them, you should remember that science is first of all and do not believe empty words of advertisements.

How big can I get?


Yes, all of you want to know the results -“ how much you can add to the length and girth of your penis. Some guys are ready to pay crazy amounts of dollars to gain an additional inch.

Let’s start with good news: some men can experience enlargement. But it is quite difficult to foresee the exact gains that can be achieved. Our bodies, function, and health vary so that the results can be different: some men add two inches to the length while other can increase their penis by 0.4 inches taking the same pills.

However, we can ensure that taking top sex enhancers for some months and as instructed will show positive gains. And be sure that any enlargement will make you and your partner happier, and your sex more impressive.

How do male potency products work?

structure of the penis

Let’s look at the structure of the penis. Every penis contains three chambers in total. Corpus spongiosum is the mass of spongy erectile tissues lying along the bottom of the penis. It works when you urinate and ejaculate. Two corpora cavernosa are a pair of sponge-like regions of erectile tissues lying along the shaft of the penis – from the pubic bones to the penile head. They contain most of the blood during your erection.

These chambers can be dilated to hold more blood than ever before. Male sexual drugs usually stimulate nitric oxide production in your body that can help increase blood flow to and enlarge the tissues. This improves your erections and makes your penis larger!

Are on-demand sexual stimulants effective?


Nowadays, the erection improvement industry offers you hundreds of medicines that claim to be natural and ensure an immediate effect. And some of them work and show surprising results. But their secret is not an all-natural formula that contains Yohimbe or ginseng, but a recipe that includes real drugs!

Leaving your next question behind, we can say for sure that it is illegal. If you suffer from heart conditions, high pressure, high cholesterol or any other disease, and you purchase the so-called natural capsule that causes no side-effects, they can lead to adverse reactions and inevitable harm to your health and life. Neither you, nor your doctor can know that the enhancer contains any hidden ingredients that are dangerous, and you take them with no doubts.

In the recent decade, the Food and Drug Administration has revealed over 100 products that had hidden prescription compounds. Keep your eyes open not to aggravate your health.

You are recommended paying attention to the price of the pills before you buy it. You should know that herbals are not expensive as do not require significant costs as compared to prescription drugs. It is quite risky and costly to get and put potent medicines, so the makers take such a high price.

When the so-called natural pill or two cost $8 or 9, they are medications – you can be sure. A natural legal product should not be higher than $2 or 3 for two pills.

What is Butea Superba?

Butea Superba

Butea Superba is a native of Thailand herb and a local aphrodisiac. Thai men consider that it has a rejuvenating effect and can improve sexual desire and vigor. Some evidence says that Butea Superba contains chemicals that work as hormones responsible for the sexual function. People usually take it to combat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and low libido.

What do you know about Enzyte?


You will probably say that the product is extremely popular – such a brilliant commercial and funny video with Smiling Bob! Smiling Bob always wears a smile as Enzyte shows its positive results. Yes, and it is what manufacturers rely on. They create beautiful pictures, write wonderful words and take well-known characters representing that their product is the best. It’s beyond any doubt that it works.

However, despite this viral commercial, Enzyte is an average supplement. The makers offered you free trials – no money waste – charging 80 dollars from your credit account monthly afterward. Those guys were arrested and got 15 years for credit card fraud.

So, you should be careful with e-mail ads as some of them are scams. Make sure that the company offers you a free trial not to pay more in a month.

What scams can we meet?


You have already read about natural on-demand stimulants and its illegal prescription counterparts – remember about it when you buy the pills.

The other example of male enlarge scams is Free Trial Offer. You can find it anywhere – e-mails, the Internet, magazines, or mail. They offer you get a free trial of a miracle supplement paying only some $5 or so as a shipping and handling fee. Afterwards, these companies start charging some amounts from your credit cards every month, and it is quite difficult to stop them. Mega Magnum, NO Explode, Xanogen, HGH Growth, and Virility EX are among male enhancement products you should avoid. Yes, the list is not full, but these are the largest scams.

Before you buy any product, you should read and find as much information as possible – on the internet, among your friends, colleagues or doctors. This is how we can fight with them.

Is penis enlargement surgery better and more effective than supplements?


You should forget about any phalloplasty, including for lengthening purposes! You shouldn’t even say or remember this word combination. NO PENIS ENLARGEMENT SURGERY! We know some guys – porn stars – who resorted to phalloplasty. Now, it’s their nightmare! Unbearable pain, scars, injuries! We do not want to keep in secret that they have added some inches to their penises, but other guys have experienced deformation and curvature.

And now we have good news: you can increase your manhood with natural supplements – no knife, no risk, no pain, and no money waste! Don’t you think that it is better to take some pills (that can additionally enhance your sexual health) than trust your body to a man with scary tools? In few months of following the instructions, you will enjoy your perfect penis.

None of any pills that I have tried helps me increase my penis. What should I do?

You should enjoy your life and sexual function as it is. Don’t pay too much attention to your fictitious problems. And please remember that most women do not think that penis size matters. You can prolong foreplay, try new sex positions, or diversify your sex life with different additional thingies to promote satisfaction and pleasure.

You should also know that if pills you are taking do not ensure any enlargement, it’s not your fault. Usually, it’s a manufacturer’s fault. We have already mentioned scammers whose aim is to get money, money, and money. A lot of supplements are produced by marketing companies who are experts in advertising and selling different products but are bad in creating potent health formulas. Moreover, they can know nothing about herbs and have no medical background! Have you tried Enzyte or Eros Plus or Herbal XL or Vasoderm and gained no results? There is no wonder as these products are marketing tricks and nothing more.

Sex is incredible! Don’t feel sorry when you have failed or achieved no results – find any other way to remedy the situation.

Is it worth ordering free trial offers?


No, no, no! Remember that 90% of ads you receive by e-mail, mail or find on the Internet or in any magazine are scams. Read the answer about scams and avoid them. Yes, some companies offer real free trials and want to promote their good intentions and products, but you have one chance out of 10 to find them. Do you think that companies who spend a lot of money for studies, development, and personnel would provide their products for free? If the company knows that its offer is the best, it would rather offer a money-back guarantee and refund you for unachieved gains. It is absurd when Microsoft Corporation starts providing its new software for free just for you try it.

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