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Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction
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In those patients where the erections don’t recover to a satisfactory degree or even in patients waiting for those erections to recover the options are as follows:



The first option for erectile dysfunction is medications. There are three tablets commonly available on the market; one called Cialis, one Levitra, and one Viagra. Different people respond differently to these medications, and it is worth to try all three at various dose levels to see which one you react to. But there are also herbal supplements like Wild Dragon pills.

Vacuum device

Vacuum device

If you do not respond to this, another option is to use a thing called a vacuum device to treat erectile dysfunction. Using a sexual health physician to go through the use of that carefully can be helpful to make sure that you understand this and use this correctly. And this can be very successful. But it is very very personal, and each person does or does not like different treatments.

Penile injection therapy

Penile injection therapy

The third option is to use penile injection therapy. This involves injecting a chemical which opens up the blood vessels in the penis and gives an erection often for half to one hour. It is a very successful treatment, but obviously, some people who are needle-phobic may not wish that. Most other people have no problems at all using this. It is very successful and almost 100% reliable.

We can also tailor the medications to troubleshoot any problems such as incomplete erections or overzealous erections – erections which last a little bit too long. Using a sexual health physician in this situation improves the outcome and often for the first initiation of this, it requires a few consultations to get the dose and the technique correct.

Penile implant

Penile implant

Finally, if all else fails this still penile implant option for erectile dysfunction. This is a surgical option but a very successful surgical option in correcting the erection problem so that the couple can continue to engage in sexual function. It has been around for many many years; it is got over 90% satisfaction rate. But obviously, it is not for everybody and is only for those who have not succeeded in the less invasive treatments. But it is a very successful option for those people.

The whole issue of sexual recovery is not a simple one. Human sexuality is very complex. There are a lot of the psychological problems; there are a lot of the physical issues, there are confidence issues, and so with all these mixed up sometimes having a sexual health physician, a sexual counselor are critical in the rehabilitation in this situation. Including the partner is essential to this, it is a two-person event, it can’t be done as a solo event. Having support from your partner is paramount in this very emotionally charged and sensitive area. So it is essential to get the confidence of the man, it is crucial that everybody is on his side and getting your whole team behind you is critical.

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