The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction 1

The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction
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What is required for the erection to work?

  • The proper stimulation
  • Working nervous system
  • Sufficient blood supply

Smoke, drink and eat your path to an erection that is unhealthy.


Tests have found a connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction via a process called atherosclerosis.

This is a build-up of plaque and oily substances from the walls of your arteries.

The longer you smoke for, as well as the more often you smoke, the more pressure you are putting in your arteries.

And as they get clogged, the blood flow is the limited long-term you need blood to get to.


Even modest amounts of alcohol can have a depressive impact on the nervous system of the body. Signs from the brain to the arteries in the penis are inhibited.

Because of this, you can experience reduced sexual desire or, if you can attain an erection, you could find it will not continue.

It is because alcohol keeps the blood vessels broad, which makes it easier for the blood in your penis to drain outside. More heavy drinking and alcohol abuse may also damage the nerves in your penis, causing impotence that is longterm.


Heavy or prolonged use of several drugs that are illegal may give rise to various long-term health problems associated with impotence problems.

These include mental health issues including paranoia, unusual blood pressure or heart problems.

Amphetamines direct the flow of blood to the muscles and from the pelvic region and limit blood vessels.

Some prescription drugs can alter your blood pressure and result in a lack of libido.


The stress limits the blood circulation to the penis and can impact the circulatory system. That is because of the body discharging adrenaline and cortisol to the bloodstream, which causes arteries to constrict.

High blood pressure brought on by stress may result in injury to the lining of the arteries, limiting the flow of blood.

Stress also can cause depression, which reduces libido and may change the biochemistry of the body. This means you might fight to attain and keep an erection.


Obesity has direct connections with all the formation of fatty deposits in the arterials system and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

The cavernous artery that provides blood to the penis is usually among the first to experience reduced blood circulation and is the smallest arteries in the body.

Testosterone levels also fall, as aromatase that converts testosterone is produced by fatty tissue.

Testosterone is vital, and this lowered generation may have immediate effects on men’s sexual well-being.

Lifestyle options leading to erectile dysfunction

No matter your lifestyle options, in the event you are experiencing erectile dysfunction you should see your GP.

Many inherent illnesses can cause ED, including diabetes and heart disease – so much, so that sex life questions in many cases are a part of the diagnostic procedure.

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