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Detailed review of Samson’s Secret Liquid

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Samson’s Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type


Hair loss is one of the biggest concerns for men and women. Fortunately, cosmetic and personal care products have been developed to address hair loss. However, there is only one hair regrowth formula for men approved by the FDA.


It is important to choose the product that has been clinically tested and proven to work for most individuals. That's what led me to do this Samson’s Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type review.


Samson’s Secret aims to help promote healthy hair growth, help reduce the effects of nerve stress, and nourish hair follicle system. The manufacturer claims that Samson’s Secret is for baldness. Users should be careful! This product contains ingredients in its formula that are not approved to repel hair when combined.


Samson’s Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type was designed for the promotion of hair growth, but not expected that this formula has been clinically tested. There is no information to show that the product contains 5% Minoxidil, the active ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair in men. You can find other options on the market containing this ingredient if it refers to the grid below.


Samson’s Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type is intended to promote the growth of healthy hair, eliminate toxins from the blood, and nourish the hair follicles.

This product is sold with an offer of several options. A one-month supply has a price of $25 online, which is affordable for most recipes, but the formula is not approved by the FDA for male hair growth.


Most of the growth recorded in releasing my loss occurred during my first two months of using this product. I can tell you that I noticed more new hair. I trained my hair to develop quickly in my experience, but I see the growth is denser. I'm sure a little bit, it has to do with my decision freely, but no complaints about how my hair had grown since I cracked.


Samson's Secret comes in two forms. Vegetable capsules are easy to get down with plenty of water, but the liquid version is easier to handle than the capsules for me. I add it to the water, and over time, it has become an acquired taste. If I forget to take my taste buds to remind me every day for some time.



New Growth At a New Stage of Life



New Growth


In addition to hair growth, I experienced something that I normally see as when I am cleansing, clear skin. Although I understand everything that helps to clean my skin, I went back to the label and my surprise, he burst out laughing. This is the advantage of dealing with natural ingredients; they work according to their purpose in nature, regardless of our intentions. He also says much about the secret knowledge of Samson’s Secret. The product is designed to eliminate toxins, allowing the body to function more effectively for hair growth.


If you are a fan of Samson's Secret here in Nashville, so stay connected to my hair loss blog. Meanwhile, you can read about my hair growth here and learn more about Samson's Secret review.



Product Features





    • Promotes hair growth;

    • Declares that it nourishes the follicles and removes toxins from the blood;

    • MSRP $ 25.




    • Does not contain Minoxidil;

    • Does not offer any purchase discount like getting 1 bottle free;

    • Does not contain components for hair regrowth approved by the FDA;

    • Not clinically proven.


Consistency: Liquid and veggie capsules.


 Available sizes:


    • 1 month supply (2 Fl. oz.);
    • 2 months supply;
    • 3 months supply;
    • 4 months supply.


Samson's Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type




1 ml of Samson's Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type filling a standard drug of about 3/4. Aspirate the liquid and place it in one of the non-alcoholic drinks 8 ounces twice a day. 8 ounces drink recommended because some items, especially cayenne pepper, may be uncomfortable for some consumers to take the herbal solution in undiluted condition.


List of ingredients: Check the package for details.


Where manufactured products: Made in the United States.



Final Thoughts on Samson's Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type




Samson's Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type made in the US but does not contain Minoxidil 5%, the FDA ingredient approved for hair growth in men. Samson's Secret Hair Growth Liquid Type says that it helps to nourish the hair follicles and eliminates toxins from the blood but does not claim that the formula is clinically tested.
$ 25 - 1 bottle
$ 50 - 2 bottles
$ 75 - 3 bottles
$ 87.5 - 4 bottles
Can be shipped to Ukraine


17 40%


14 33%


11 26%
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