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Is It Possible to Increase the Volume of Seminal Fluid?

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Many men try different methods to increase the amount of sperm that is produced during the process of ejaculation. We are sorry to upset you, but no matter how you tried to change this parameter, it's all in vain. During the process of ejaculation, 4 - 7 ml of seminal fluid is produced. With age, this volume will become smaller. The maximum amount of sperm is created in the period between 30 and 35 years.


Why Do Men Want to Increase the Amount of Sperm?


There is a misconception that sexual pleasure and endurance depends on the amount of sperm produced during ejaculation. However, this parameter cannot affect the quality of orgasm in any way. Most men think that the reproductive capacity depends on the volume of seminal fluid. It is worth noting that it is possible to increase only the number of active sperm. This happens with prolonged withholding sex.


Many men associate the concept of sexuality and courage with the volume of released seminal fluid. This trend is due to the views of porn movies, which main characters are muscly actors with large dicks. In the film, everything looks spectacular, and there is an illusion of an amazing orgasm, which ends with a sufficiently voluminous ejaculation.


Don't put too much emphasis on such picture to perform it in real life, because in the case of adult films, most of what the viewer sees is acting and professional work of video operators.


Volume of Sperm


What Does the Medicine Say on the Issue of Increasing the Volume of Sperm?


Practically all specialists in the field of medicine say that it is impossible to increase the amount of sperm. All kinds of drugs that promise to double the amount of ejaculated semen are cruel deception, which was invented because of the common problem of many men.


Remember that by the age of 55 the volume of sperm is reduced by 35% and this is a physiologically correct process that cannot prevent a full sex life. Scientists suggest that the only way that will help increase the amount of sperm to the maximum rate is to drink enough water. There are some remedies, which action can provide only temporarily increase in the volume of the semen to the maximum speed.



Summing up, it worth to remind once again that the reproductive function of the male body depends not on the volume of the seminal fluid, but on the number of "alive" sperm. The quantity of sperm and getting a full orgasm are two incompatible concepts. Do not try to increase the amount of sperm, because it is almost impossible to do.


If you want to become more courageous and sexy, just start attending the gym and believe in yourself. And then there will come a harmony in your sexual and everyday life, which all men dream about. Do not forget about healthy and proper nutrition, which contributes to a full sex life.