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Ah Santi
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Jake Benson
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Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon


This is what its manufacturer promises. But is it possible that a natural supplement acts as a prescription medicine? Is it possible that herbs provide the same effects as chemicals? Let's see how Ah Santi works.



Ah Santi Formula



#1 VigRX Plus
671 votes
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Unfortunately, there is no access to the full list of the ingredients, but we can find among them:


    • Amino acids that work as the building blocks of protein. They help increase blood flow to the penis, make your manhood fuller and harder and ensure better and harder erections;

    • A blend of Chinese Herbs that nourish your body with minerals and vitamins and provide a powerful effect. But the manufacturer does not disclose its formula, so we can't say for sure how these magic herbs act and what results they provide;

    • Calcium is an important element for skin and bones supporting their health and appearance. But we have no evidence that Calcium actually help improve erections;

    • Collagen that helps keep your skin younger and smoother. It is also present inelastic fibrous tissues, which support the blood vessels of the penis called cavernous sinuses;

    • Ginseng that is known as a panacea or an all-healing herb. It helps relieve fatigue and stress, improve mood, boost the nervous system, increase energy and stamina.


Ah Santi in Action


Ah santi


Ah Santi is a fast-acting supplement that does not require daily use. If you want to feel stronger erections, you are recommended taking one Ah Santi capsule 25 minutes before your sexual intercourse.


The supplement is supposed to stimulate higher blood flow to the genitalia to fill up erectile tissues and make male erections harder and firmer.



Places to Buy Ah Santi



Ah Santi was available online - you could find a lot of retailers who were selling Ah Santi. However, nowadays, it is quite difficult (to say the truth, impossible) to find any. It may mean that the supplement is discontinued.



Bottom Line



Based on the analysis of male enhancement supplements, we can note that fast-acting pills rarely help men achieve heights in sex. And when they work, such pills appear to contain hidden prescription compounds. They can harm your health by interacting with other pharmaceuticals or being incompatible with certain diseases (including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes).


The manufacturer claims that its supplement is natural and safe, but we can find no full list of the Ah Santi ingredients. So we do not know for sure whether they are potent and how they influence your organism.


Besides, it is impossible to buy Ah Santi today - it can't be found online or offline. Thus, the product seems to have no advantages and we can't recommend it to you. You may try some daily supplements, which are verified and ensure real results.  

$ 35 - 1 bottle
Can be shipped to Ukraine


19 51%


10 27%


8 22%

It is nice supplement. It is natural and really works. I recommend to try it, you won't be unsatisfied


It is an amazing product! It rises my sexual performance to a high level

Can be shipped in Ukraine Official Site

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