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Most men do not want to share their emotional and physical condition as they are embarrassed and afraid to be ashamed.


But nowadays, the male enhancement market offers us hundreds of products that promise to combat health problems and make your sex incredible. And Andro Cream is one of them. Let's see how it works and whether it is as potent as it claims to be.


What Is Andro Cream?

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Andro Cream is an enhancement solution designed to help men overcome erectile dysfunction. The Health Sciences Authority of Singapore has classified the product as a traditional medicine. Its primary advantages are a natural formula and transdermal technology. The cream works to reduce the amount of PDE-5 in the male body.


The PDE-5 enzyme
is essential to people, but with age or some medical conditions (e.g., stress) its levels increase reducing blood circulation in the body. It results in low arousal and softer erection, the so-called erectile dysfunction (ED). 


Andro Cream promises to block the increase of PDE-5 levels, improve the blood flow to the genitalia and ensure firm erections within two to four weeks.


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How Andro Cream Works?


Probably, you are interested how it is possible. The cream contains 10% Butea Superba. The herb is native to Thailand and is widely known as an aphrodisiac.


Usually, when a man gets aroused, the blood arrives at the penis and stimulates an erection. After a man reaches a climax, the body releases PDE-5 constricting blood vessels and shrinking down the penis. In older men, the levels of PDE-5 are high and, thus, it is difficult for them to get aroused and erected.


The extract of Butea Superba decreases the build-up of the enzyme, relaxes the blood vessels and penile tissues and improves blood circulation. It results in better, firmer and longer-lasting erections. And the longer you use the herb, the higher effect you can notice.


Besides, Andro Cream is facilitated with a unique transdermal technique that improves the penetration of essential ingredients into the penis.


And you can find tons of positive reviews - 84% of men who have tried the cream notice significant erection enhancement.



How to Purchase Andro Cream?


Andro Cream is produced by Lynk Biotech in Singapore, but it is available worldwide. One tube (45g) costs 69 Singapore dollars  (appr. USD 50). You can purchase the cream online or at Unity, Guardian or Watsons outlets.


Bottom Line


You can find testimonials on the official website, but there can be some problems to receive your money back if you get no desired or expected results.


Andro Cream helps men who are suffering from a slight erectile dysfunction or have some insignificant erection problems. But as the cream contains 10% Butea Superba and no other potent and effective ingredients, it will not combat a severe erectile dysfunction. So, men who have adverse sexual problems should choose other more powerful products.


You are recommended consulting your healthcare provider before you start using the cream. The doctor will help you define whether it can be effective for you and how you should use it. Please visit your health care provider for professional advice if you take any medications or have any medical conditions. 


$ 47.2 - 1 bottle
Can be shipped to Ukraine


25 36%


30 43%


15 21%
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Andro Cream improved my erecrions. Now I feel more confident in bed


I almost broke up with my girlfriend because of my sexual problems, but Andro cream saved our relationships. Thanks!


My erections are so hard and I have a lot of sexual energy with Andro Cream


I have been using Andro cream for 6 months now and my libido is improved, my erections become more solid. I am 59 years old.

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