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$ 119.93 - Value edition
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Money back: 180 days
Success rate: 95 %
First results: 14 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Dr. Eric K. Miller
Expert rating: 10/10
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Payment method: Credit card
A quick note from Dr. Peter Gray, Senior Urologist We recommend Quick Extender Pro as an alternative to phalloplasty, because the surgery is the latest thing we can do to enlarge the penis Dr Gray commenced Consultant Urological practice in 2001 with the Bruane Urology Clinic
Dr. Eric K. Miller
Detailed review of Quick Extender Pro

Lenox Hill Hospital, Residency in Urology

Quick Extender Pro Review



Quick Extender Pro


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Do you think that all penis extenders are the same? If they are not, why are they so similar to each other? And how do I choose the only one device that can enlarge my penis?


Today, men who decided to buy a penis extender, have a massive choice for a wide range of budgets. At the same time, the selection of the device must be done deliberately, taking into account a set of parameters.


In this review, we will consider Quick Extender Pro, which is a universal device that fits all men with different penis sizes and different aims on increasing their size. After reading this article, you can make the only right choice and purchase a device that meets all the requirements of safety, quality, efficiency, and comfort. How is this possible? Read on.


So, if you didn’t already know, we are going to discuss the proven medical facts here, including the penile traction method, which is at the core of the work of such penis extenders as Quick Extender Pro. This is an efficient alternative to the surgery for penis enlargement. The only question is that there are hundreds of such extenders on the market today, but only a few of them can satisfy all user needs.


 So, man can choose a penis extender for himself and invest with the benefit in his penis enlargement using ten criteria below:


    • Comfort in use;
    • Quality of materials;
    • Build quality;
    • Availability of spare parts if necessary;
    • Availability of medical certificates;
    • Ability to adjust the level of stretching;
    • Positive feedback from customers on the forums;
    • Antiallergic;
    • Country of origin;
    • Durability;
    • Universality;
    • The efficiency of using.


Official Site







This is one of the most critical selection criteria for today. The fact is that wearing an extender with an inserted penis in it can cause you discomfort and inconveniences. You need to choose the level of stretching, which should be efficient, but not inconvenient.

Not all devices cope with this, and it's related to their design, settings, materials. Quick Extender Pro has all the necessary properties and meets all the essential requirements for the devices of this type. We know of only a few premium devices, which impact in the almost imperceptible way for a man, who wears the device for 4-6 straight hours, and Quick Extender Pro is one of them.



Quality of Materials



It has great importance to you as the user. First, medical materials are quite expensive, and devices made of them are much more costly than fewer quality competitors. Secondly, the quality of materials directly affects the durability of the extender, its safety, and comfort in use.

Let's not forget that the device works with the most intimate and tender part of the body, so you definitely cannot buy a poor-quality penis extender.


Often, manufacturers of little-known penis stretchers are trying to attract customers with a low price for their products. Be careful, because quality things are expensive, so you shouldn’t do tests on your genitals.

Malfunctions happen with those tools, which initially made of cheap materials, which replace medical ones. An excellent example of a quality unit is the Quick Extender Pro, as each element of the design has is certificated.



Build Quality



Very often manufacturers purchase spare parts for their extenders in the same place, while unofficial dealers can offer a substandard assembly. As a rule, assembled initially devices are sold only on the official site. All that you buy on large marketplaces like Amazon, GNC, Walmart, Alibaba, Rakuten, eBay, and others, can be a copy of the original.


Be careful, the Chinese assembly of devices is fraught with irreparable consequences, accidents, and other troubles.


Quick Extender Pro is assembled in the USA, and should only be purchased at

Spare Parts for Extenders



Spare Parts for Extenders


Official Site


Buying a device, pay attention to whether it is possible to purchase additional parts on the manufacturer's website if necessary. If this is not possible, such a penis extender is better not to buy. All self-respecting companies, who manufacture and sell penis devices such as Quick Extender Pro, always offer the purchase of parts.


Like any device, the penis extender can break down. Some parts of it can wear out and become unusable. Emergency failures and banal mechanical damage while using are not excluded. If you need a spare part, they are all available on the manufacturer's website, and they can easily be ordered.



Medical Certificates



Buy only medically tested devices have all the necessary certificates. Among the trusted and medically examined extenders are Male Edge, Phallosan Forte, Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics. As for the other products on the market, we do not have medical information on them; you buy them only at your own risk.



Ability to Adjust the Level of Stretching



Device for penis enlargement is considered high-quality and premium, if it allows adjusting the level of stretching. The more such levels are available and the more individually it is designed, the safer it is for the user. Quick Extender Pro allows you to quickly choose the proper level of stretching, which will effectively stretch the penis without experiencing discomfort.



Positive Feedback



Positive Feedback


Official Site


You don’t need to buy an extender, which is not available on the forums. You should know, there is the most actual information checked by buyers on forums, which makes it clear which product is efficient.


As a rule, forums discuss such devices as Male EdgePhallosan ForteQuick Extender ProSizeGenetics. You can spend hours studying information about them, but the main thing is the general impression of these extenders. It is positive, and these products are now in TOP on our website, where customers vote.






It is important for those customers, who have skin that can be sensitive to specific materials that are in close contact with the penis skin. Of course, you need to choose only those extenders that guarantee the absence of allergic reactions. Such extenders are all the same Male EdgePhallosan ForteQuick Extender ProSizeGenetics. All of them are made of high-quality medical materials and can guarantee no side effects in the form of allergies.



Country of Origin



The build quality and the country of origin are critical factors that must be crucial in making a purchasing decision.


It is necessary to understand that the only right choice is medical products produced by the standards of the EU and the US.

When we talk about a safe extender, we need to be sure of its quality and control over the process of stretching the penis.


There can be no doubt about the design and materials of the device. Of course, tools manufactured in the US and the EU should be more expensive, but you overpay for their safety, quality, and efficiency. We can assume that Chinese copies can copy technology and somehow stretch your penis, but no one will take responsibility for the result. 


Official Site






The durability of the device is ensured by the quality of materials and assembly, as well as the functionality of the extender. Indeed, any device can break, both because of the defect, and because of misuse. But, as a rule, you can always order spare parts for penis extenders.


At one time, manufacturers sold pieces at high prices, thus earning on those men, who were forced to buy spare parts for their device to work correctly. Today, when the market has become competitive, manufacturers are trying to sell parts almost at cost price to ensure the durability of their devices and, thereby, increase their competitive advantage.


Ultimately, the end-user benefits from this. The longer you use the extender, the more likely you are to increase your penis maximally. Therefore, when choosing a tool to improve the penis, consider the reviews of men, who have already purchased a device and used it for an extended period.






1 month

2 months

+8% to your penis size

Harder and fuller erections

+12% to your penis size

Last longer in bed, enhanced penis sensitivity

6 months

12 months

+36% to your penis size

Improved sexual function, increased self-confidence

+45% to your penis size

Stronger erections, no penis curvature



Such a parameter as universality has paramount importance for the leading extender. In fact, you can not only increase your penis in length but also significantly improve it in volume and even correct the curvature of the penis.

A good extender provides an increase in male libido, and it enhances the strength of an erection. All this provides the universality of the device, which positions itself as a penis extender.



Efficiency of Using



The effectiveness of the extender is determined by progress, which can be measured and seen with the naked eye. An effective extender is not always safe for your penis. It is essential to understand that the extender must have all the necessary properties to be called efficient.


And these are security, quality, functionality, and speed. By the way, many users on the forums especially have referred to the last factor, as the key one. Since no one wants to wait for the results for months. If you 're going to buy an efficient extender that quickly gives results, you can see our ranking and placement in it. First of all, the rating is based on the buyers voting.




How to buy Quick Extender Pro


It's strongly recommended to buy the Quick Extender Pro device directly from the manufacturer's website, to get the official 180-day money back guarantee. And do not forget - you get the best price possible when ordering from the official site.

You can see different hot deals almost every day, use special coupons and discounts available. 

Available packages [Use coupon code: NUMBERONEPILL to save 20%]:


    • Dexule Edition - $349.93 [20% OFF. Coupon code: numberonepill]
      Includes: booster pump, 3 month Razor XL(male enhancement), 4000g Tension Springs

    • Deluxe Standard Edition - $179.93 [20% OFF. Coupon code: numberonepill]
      Includes: Bonus guide DVD, 1 month free Razor XL, 3500 Springs

    • Value Edition - $119.93 [20% OFF. Coupon code: numberonepill]
      Deluxe travel pouch, measuring tape, 3000 spring

    • Curvature & Peyronies Edition - $179.99 [20% OFF. Coupon code: numberonepill]
      1-month Vitamin E, Pure Air Memory Foam, 4000 springs


$ 119.93 - Value edition
$ 179.93 - Deluxe standard
$ 349.93 - Deluxe limited
Special offer
Deal of the day: get a total 80% OFF. Use coupon: dealday Click here
Can be shipped to Ukraine


855 92%


43 5%


25 3%
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I have amazing results after 4 months of using Quick Extender. When I started my penis was 4.7 inches in length erect state and 4 inches in girth. Now I have 5.9 inches in length and 4.5 inches in girth.


I gained almost two inches after 6 months!It is ab amazinf device, I would recommend it to everyone.


This extender is very easy to use and causes no discomfort. I gained 1 inch after 3 month and my wife is happy now, we have better sex, than before.


This product really works! Me penis become 1.3 inches longer in 5 months. I wear it 6 hours a day, but I started from 2 hours. Now I have an average size and I'm happy with it.


I also bought the Quick extender to enlarge my penis. I have been making some excellent gains with it. Guys, if you don't know what it is, it's worth buying.


THe quality of this device is fantastic and it's pretty comfortable for my penis to wear. Nice pressure without a pain, i can wear QIck Extender for 6-8 hours without any discomfort. And what's the most important - it's really effective. My gains has increased by 3 inches in 4 months. I know that's a lot of time and you need to wear the device regulary. But the results if worth of your efforts, trust me


I have good results with Quick Extender. I have admitted, the you get faster results, when using it for long periods. You need tension and you need time. I use it for 6-7 hours 5 times a week Starting: Bpel 7.15 El 6 Bpsl 8.5 Eg 6.5


I use QEP for about 6 hours/day and that's enough to grow 2 inches


Jelqing doesn't work, that why I bought my first penis extender and I'm glad it was quick extender. It's pretty comfortble for me and I use the maximum tension but for short periods. Works for me, thanks


I decided to purchase this extender because it has a double support system and I thought it would be more comfortable to use than other extenders. I've been using this device for 6 months now and my penis has grown by 2 inches in length.

Can be shipped in Ukraine Official Site

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