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Growmax Plus Overview




Growmax Plus is currently off the market and is very hard to find, it is believed that the male enhancement product was an excellent Viagra alternative. This feature became a problem for Growmax plus it contained a composition to similar to that of Viagra hence making the website going offline and product to go out of the market.


Even though the product is out of the market and available in a rather scarce amount as well as the website is offline there is no concrete reason for all this. The assumption is that the product was believed to contain a component of Viagra called sildenafil which is deemed very harmful. Sildenafil is harmful to all those suffering from various health diseases and specifically those affected by heart diseases. The presence of sildenafil in many male enhancers has to lead to them being taken off the market. However, it is not clear if Growmax plus also contained sildenafil or not.



Growmax Plus Ingredients and How They Work



Since the official website of Growmax plus has been removed, therefore, the ingredients have been stated using information from other sites.


 The ingredients found were not deemed to be too out of the ordinary and included:


#1 VigRX Plus
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    • Deer Antler Velvet;
    • Ashwagandha Root;
    • Tribulus Terrestris;
    • Cnidium Monnieri;
    • Muira Puama;
    • Tongkat Ali;
    • Wolf Berry.


The ingredients are not unusual and do not possess any side effects known. Still, the package states that caution should be observed by heart patients or those taking nitrates. However, these precautions are given by most doctors while prescribing drugs to those with erectile problems.



Growmax Plus Positives and Negatives




 Positives of Growmax plus


    • The products mentioned in the contents are said to be useful and effective.
    • The reviews claim that the product really does work.


 Negatives of Growmax plus


    • There might be ingredients which are hidden from the public and potentially harmful.
    • There is no official website available to rely on.
    • Acquiring the product is near impossible as the stocks are scarce.


Where to Buy



Products were found available on eBay and Amazon, however, in Amazon, there was only one left in stock at the time of writing.


On eBay, you could compare the prices to Amazon where one 6 pack package is available for only $14.



Final Analysis



It is always smart to avoid any controversial product especially if it is a male enhancement product. If the product is available in scarce and believed to contain controversial, potentially harmful and dangerous chemicals and substances, it is most wise to look into other products. There are so many other products to choose from so browse through other options as there is a market full of male enhancements that do work and are extremely efficient and avoid taking unnecessary risks.


$ 14 - 1 bottle
Can be shipped to Ukraine


30 57%


10 19%


7 13%
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