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Thomas Eldredge, Ed.D
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What Is Male Extra?


Male Extra


Male Extra is a natural supplement formulated to enlarge your penis in length and girth, and make your erections stronger and bigger boosting male self-confidence. If you want to gain the heights in sexual performance and surprise your partner, you should purchase Male Extra and enjoy its results.


Is Male Extra Really Effective?


The producer claims that Male Extra is a unique natural formula designed to enlarge your penis, increase your erections, improve your libido and stamina and make your orgasms more powerful.


The clinical study represented on its official website shows that the pills do work increasing the penis up to 2.6 inches in 6 months:


  1. 0.8 inches in 3 months;
  2. 1.1 inches in 4 months;
  3. 1.6 inches in 5 months;
  4. 2.6 inches in 6 months.


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    Male Extra ingredients enhance producing the nitric oxide in the body. It relaxes and dilates the blood vessels, improves the blood flow to the penis, increases the oxygen amount improving your erections and enlarging the size of the penis.


    What Are Male Extra Ingredients?


    Male Extra contains only natural and safe ingredients that cause no serious side effects and do not harm your health:


    1. Cordyceps that increase libido;
    2. Creatine that balances the levels of ATP, increases your strength, and combats fatigue;
    3. L-Arginine that is an amino acid increasing the levels of nitric oxide, dilating the blood vessels and improving erections;
    4. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) that relieves high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and make new cells active;
    5. Zinc that helps your body produce testosterone and increases sperm count. 


    How to Use Male Extra


    You should take three pills a day and don't skip if you want to gain the results.


    If you want to achieve maximum, it is recommended to take Male Extra pills and do male enhancement exercises that can improve the enlargement results. You can also combine the pills with traction devices. Some experts say that the exercises and traction devices help increase the length and girth of the penis, and the pills enhance the effect gained.


    Male Extra Advantages and Disadvantages


    1 month

    2 months

    +0.3 inches to your penis length and girth

    Increased sexual drive

    + 0.6 inches to your penis length and girth

    Bigger and harder erections 

    3 months

    6 months

    +0.8 inches to your penis length and girth

    Improved sexual stamina

    +2.6 inches to your penis length and girth

    All-night staying power




    #1 VigRX Plus
    671 votes
    95% success rate
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    1. 100% natural ingredients; 
    2. Clinically proven;
    3. 90-day money back guarantee;
    4. Larger penis;
    5. Bigger and stronger erections;
    6. Increased libido;
    7. No serious side effects.




    1. Three pills a day and high price as a result;
    2. Male enhancement exercises and traction devices to gain maximum.


    Bottom Line

    Male extra doctor approved


    The company claims that its product is effective, powerful and safe. And these claims are approved by the customers' reviews who report the increased size of the penis and firmer erections. So Male Extra is the product worth trying. And if you gain no expected results, you have 60 days to receive your money back.


    If you want to learn more, please visit the official website. 


    $ 64.95 - 1 bottle
    $ 197.95 - 3 bottles
    $ 249.9 - 6 bottles
    Can be shipped to Ukraine


    39 45%


    29 33%


    15 17%
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    I have never felt such powerful orgasms like with maleextra. They become longer and more intense and me penis also become bigger


    I'm taking Male Extra for 3 months now and my penis become 1,5 inch larger


    My libido enhanced a lot with male extra, my wife likes these changes


    I'mn taking male extra for 2 months now and I see a lot of positive results. It's really works!


    I love these pills. After 4 months of taking MaleExtra I gained 1 inch and after 6 months of taking I have now 2 inch gain. I am going to buy more


    It helps with erections, stamina and also make orgasms more powerful. Good product.

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