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$ 110 - Originals
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$ 249 - Xtreme
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Detailed review of Bathmate

Lenox Hill Hospital, Residency in Urology


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Almost every member of the sterner sex experiences emotional and physical anxiety caused by sexual health issues. This applies not only to men, who are up in their years but also to relatively healthy and young guys. Recently, decreased potency has been a rather widespread intimate problem.


 Such dysfunction can be caused by a whole range of factors:


    • An age of over 45 years;
    • Emotional disorders;
    • Unhealthy lifestyle, including unbalanced nutrition;
    • Bad habits: smoking, drugs, alcohol abuse, etc.;
    • Certain medications.


In addition to decreased potency, there is another fairly common and equally important problem: the unsatisfactory size of the penis. This is the decisive fact leading to a drop in the man's sexual self-esteem and, consequently, in his potency. Therefore, you should consider a sophisticated approach to resolving the issue. If you look at before and after pictures, posted on forums, you will be sure about Bathmate results.

Bathmate penis pump is a new-generation device that offers safe and efficient enlargement of the penis length and width without any synthetic additives or surgery. Functioning like a pump, it stimulates blood flow to the cavernous body of the penis. Using this modern device regularly, you'll be able to achieve the desired result over a relatively short period.


The manufacturer offers various types of Bathmate products. They are distinguished by the price tag, rate of effectiveness, and the result. Keep in mind; you should select the masseur based on the actual size of your penis. This is the only way to reach an insuperable result. You will get all the instructions on how Bathmate pump works, step by step guide with pictures and videos. This Bathmate review will include all the pumps the manufacturer offers on its official site.



Advantages Of Bathmate Routine



 Before listing the benefits of Bathmate, we should point out that the company's products are subdivided into three types:


    • Bathmate Originals is a series of pumps for beginners. The line-up includes two devices for different sizes. They are distinguished by the ease of use, as well as stable and long-lasting results.

    • The X-Series comprises three devices, which are 35% faster and better at fulfilling their primary task: enlarging your penis and enhancing your potency.

    • The active Xtreme-Series is designed for men, who want to obtain the maximum result.


 And now, let's consider the main advantages the consumer can enjoy using a product of the Bathmate according to numerous before and after pictures:


    • Using the pump regularly, you can increase the length and girth of your penis by about 40%.

    • The penis enlargement pump is made from high-quality, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic material that causes no irritation or other side effects.

    • Thanks to the comprehensive effect of the device, the results include not only penis enlargement but also an improvement in the quality and duration of erections. The potency issues will no longer bother you; your sexual vigor will be magnified several-fold.

    • These quality improvements result in a longer period of intercourses.

    • The product has been subject to numerous clinical studies, which confirmed its quality and effectiveness.

    • The manufacturer guarantees every customer will achieve the 100% result. Otherwise, the company undertakes to refund the money you spent to purchase the masseur.

    • The effectiveness of the Bathmate hydro-pump has made this product very popular and knowable in more than 70 countries of the world. The firm's monthly profit from the sales of the device amounts to about $10 million.

    • The patented production technology ensures the product's original features.


Bathmate Results Review



Hydro-Pump Bathmate


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To manufacture this effective penis enlargement device, the manufacturer used high-quality materials that cause no allergic or other side effects upon contact with the genital skin. Each component of the hydro-pump has been subject to thorough testing and a range of dermatological studies, which have confirmed the masseur is safe to use.



Why Choose The Bathmate Hydro-Pump?



The effectiveness of the Bathmate masseur is one of the main reasons why most men on the planet opt for this device. Every buyer has been 100% happy with the obtained result. The product can boast of an affordable and reasonable price, which is fully justified by the result. You can find lots of before and after pictures of happy customers. It's possible to buy Bathmate on Amazon, but the price will be higher.

Another decisive factor is how easy-to-use the Bathmate masseur is. The hydro-pump is intended to be used while taking a bath or a shower. The water pressure ensures safe and effective stretching of the external and internal tissues of the penis, which helps to increase the organ's girth and length. Worth noting, the pump can be used not only in an aqueous medium but also in the air. However, in this case, you will have to use the device more intensively and for a longer period.


Many similar products have a narrow sphere of impact, ensuring only one qualitative improvement: penis enlargement.


On the other hand, the Bathmate water pump has a comprehensive effect on the user's sexual health. It ensures more long-lasting and stable erections, potency enhancement, and incredible orgasms during the intercourse.

The above-listed improvements are beneficial to both physical and psychological aspects of the man's health. The user of the device gains confidence in his capabilities.



How Long Until I See A Result?


If you use the device daily, you will notice the first positive changes in two weeks. However, to achieve the maximum result, you have to exercise 20 minutes a day for six weeks.



Warranty and Delivery



Hydro-Pump Bathmate result


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The manufacturer of the Bathmate hydro-pump guarantees the product's high quality, which is achieved through the use of environmentally friendly components. All the goods have passed clinical tests, which is confirmed by the corresponding quality certificates. The manufacturer undertakes to provide a full refund to anyone, who fails to achieve a positive result using Bathmate.

To avoid sticky situations, the company offers only one reimbursement per customer, without the possibility of re-purchasing the products.


Anyone interested in Bathmate can purchase this hydro-pump. Place your order using the website right now to receive a guaranteed discount. The product can be delivered to any corner of the world through whichever courier and transport company is convenient for you. The delivery time framework depends on the mode of transportation you select.


The company assumes responsibility for delivering the product to the customer in apparent good order and condition; therefore, each parcel is insured for the total value of its contents. As a result, when you order a Bathmate through our company, you do not risk losing your money.

Bathmate Benefits



If you are sick and tired of experiencing physical and emotional discomfort resulting from embarrassing bedroom situations, we recommend you get a high-quality and efficient Bathmate masseur.


 Thanks to the universal production technology, the manufacturer has managed to create a safe device aimed at complexly resolving the following male problems:


    • Unsatisfactory size of the penis;
    • Decreased potency;
    • Poor quality and low duration of erections;
    • Reduced libido;
    • Loss of sexual desire.

Psychological disorders against the background of all above-listed problems.


Using the hydro-pump regularly, you will notice the first results in a few weeks. The manufacturer provides a 100% guarantee of the quality and effectiveness of the device. Otherwise, the cost of the water pump will be refunded to the customer in full. Click here to buy Bathmate




$ 110 - Originals
$ 139 - Hydromax X-Series
$ 249 - Xtreme
Can be shipped to Ukraine


278 85%


34 10%


16 5%
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I use BM(bathmate) for about 6 months along with jelqing exercises. I have gained some length and girth, which is important to please a woman too. What's interesting: my girth is even more impressive while I'm not sing the Bathmate pump


I use bathmate in the shower about 15-20 minutes/day. It's even more effective to use BM in the bathtube. You have to seat, not stand to get the results you want in no time


Bathmate gives me the pressure I need to gain more size and girth. Kegels exercises are also effective and I recommend you to add it to your PE program. I use BM 20 minutes/day and that's enough to gain inches.


I use Bathmate in the shower. I decided to buy it in order to increase my girth. After second use I've gained almost half of an inch. I am very pleased with the results.

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