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Detailed review of Phallosan Forte

Lenox Hill Hospital, Residency in Urology

Peyronie’s disease

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During their life, men usually go through different health problems seeking for any practical ways to solve them. But men’s health is one of the most important factors in life, and it is quite embarrassing and painful for men when it is out of order. Small penis, penile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, penile curvature, prostate, etc. – all these things are very unpleasant and reduce male self-esteem and self-confidence.

They can lead to considerable health problems, loss of sexual desire, failure to have sex, dissatisfaction, and problems in the intimate relationship. 

Based on the study results, over 50% of men over 40 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction. But it can strike even younger men. Erectile dysfunction is a failure to get and maintain an erection for a period when you and your partner can achieve satisfaction in full. In other words, men can last less than two minutes and can satisfy neither themselves nor their women.

In severe cases, men even can’t get an erection. Erection problems can be caused by physical issues (heart disease, tobacco use, traumas, and surgeries, etc.), or psychological issues (stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems).


Peyronie’s disease (penis curvature) occurs when fibrous scar tissue develops inside the penis causing curvature and painful erections. When this issue leads to a significant penis bend or pain, it is a matter of concern.

The causes of Peyronie’s disease are not clear. Some experts say that it can result from traumas to the penis. However, a lot of men suffering from penile curvature cannot recall any injuries.

Small penis… Most men of those who think they have short penises have adequate sizes. However, to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence and to ensure high satisfaction for their partners, the majority of men aim at making their manhood larger and fuller.


The modern male health industry offers an enormous amount of products (penis capsules, pills, creams, gels, liquids) claiming to revive a male sexual function and make them sex giants in the bedroom. But it is quite difficult to find the right product that can help men improve their sexual health and increase the size of the penis.

Also, there are a lot of scams that can even aggravate your condition. So, before you make your final male enhancement choice, you should have a hand full of information about the product, read reviews about its manufacturer and what other men say about how it works.


This article is focusing on PHALLOSAN Forte penis extender review. Let’s see in detail how it works and what it can offer its users.


About PHALLOSAN forte penis enlargement device




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PHALLOSAN forte device is considered to be one of the top penis extenders and male health enhancers with an intelligent design and practical and adaptive elements. Its vacuum action and painless though permanent stretching creates new cells and tissues inside the penis and ensure that the whole penis works. This vacuum device works gently and causes no side-effects when all the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.


You can wear PHALLOSAN forte for the prolonged periods of time or leave it overnight as it has a protector cap made from soft silicone. The product suits any size of the penis as the basic kit goes in three sizes: S, M, and L. In this case, your glans has enough place to grow and expand. You can also regulate the pressure inside the traction device with a three-way valve which allows adjusting it. All elements are integrated, and you do not need to use any additional tubes or balls.


The bells are produced from allergen-free material and cannot be broken. To avoid any allergies, the sleeve of PHALLOSAN forte extender is made of medical silicone. Besides, you can choose the size that will suit the girth of your penis. The sleeve is of different thickness, and it is thicker in the area of the increased pressure.


The device has a protector cap that is used to protect your glans when a strong vacuum is applied. The cap is extremely elastic and non-allergenic. The tension clip is designed to pass the power from the stretching belt to the suction bell and is supplied with the calibrated pull system. It also has the traffic light system indicating the recommended belt settings and helping in getting faster results.


The stretching belt is orthopedic and non-allergenic. As it is very elastic, even men with extra penis sizes can wear the device comfortably. The fastening of the belt quickly repeats the movements of the body.  


How does Phallosan Forte work? The real facts


PHALLOSAN forte in Action


This penis traction device is designed to stimulate the formation of new cells in the penile tissue by applying continuous and gentle pressure. PHALLOSAN forte creates a light vacuum and tension force acting on the whole glans. If you wear the device on a regular basis for several months, new cells can gain a three-dimensional expansion.

This allows increasing your penis in length and circumference. The achieved results are permanent and do not fade after you stop using PHALLOSAN forte.


The traction device is harmless if you follow all the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are a beginner, you are recommended starting with soft but regular and continuous force.


PHALLOSAN forte is a great alternative to surgery if men suffer from penile curvature. As this device applies the constant pull to the penis, it can be at least improved or even straightened. No penile length will be lost in such a case as the product stretches the penis by pulling its glans.


PHALLOSAN forte is based on a pain-free and progressive principle of work that includes a bell, pump, tension belt, and protective cap.


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You should start by measuring your penis shaft with a special template provided with the device. Then, select an appropriate bell and condom sleeve. Now, you can insert the end of your penis into the silicone protective cap that helps avoid any discomfort.

Afterward, take the glass bell condom, put the head of the penis into it and roll the silicone sleeve over the bell. Now, when your penis is safe, you can start the pumping process. The suction bell creates a vacuum around and applies gentle pressure to your penis.

This prevents your glans from slipping out. Then, the orthopedic belt system should be attached around your hips – to the base of your system and the end of the device. This allows creating continuous tension and slow stretching and making your penis grow. If you are a beginner in the penis enhancement process, you should use light force to get your penis adapted.

The force applied to the penis is essential for stretching as it causes micro-tears where new cells appear to repair them. The more cells appear, the larger and fuller your penis becomes.  This helps in increasing the size of your manhood in length and circumference as well as in improving your erections.


Clinical studies


PHALLOSAN forte is recommended as an effective therapy, and 640 patients who have been successfully treated are excellent evidence. Clinical studies demonstrate that:


  1. The average erect length was increased by 0.45 in three months of the use and by 0.75 in six months of the use;
  2. The average flaccid length was increased by 0.4 in three months of the use and by 0.6 in six months of the use;
  3. The average circumference was increased by 0.25 in three months of the use and by 0.3 in six months of the use.

How to use Phallosan forte

You can easily wear this device underneath jeans or even tight pants – it is entirely invisible. The latest tests have shown that PHALLOSAN forte can be worn while sleeping. If an erection occurs, the sleeve stretches, and you feel no pain or discomfort (only some slight pressure to the head of your penis). All elements are made of non-allergen and high-quality materials that cause no side-effects.


To achieve the most effective results, you are recommended wearing the product at least six to eight hours on a daily basis. The longer you use the device, the better the gains you can get. A lot of customers report that they wear PHALLOSAN up to 12 hours with short breaks and feel no pain.


Phallosan forte before and after


PHALLOSAN Forte Reviews


Official Site

The results of the device are clinically tested and proven to be permanent and efficient. In other words, PHALLOSAN forte works and ensures excellent penile gains. It is recommended by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction and penile curvature. Also, millions of devices are sold all over the world that evidence customers’ trust and loyalty to the manufacturer and its products.

So, to show you that it is worthy of spending your money, we have collected some customers’ reviews and testimonials.

Phallosan Forte customer reviews

Tom, California(Phallosan Forte review):


“A friend of mine told me about Phallosan Forte and recommended me the device for enlarging my penis. He used it to treat penile curvature and noticed that his size increased in length and girth (as a bonus). As the price was a bit high, I hesitated whether the product was worth of buying. I wanted to choose the best device, and – to say the truth – that one was the best. And now, this is my third month with Phalossan Forte and looking back; I am so glad that I have this device. My erections are fuller and stronger, my sexual feelings are more intense, and my girlfriend is more satisfied. I’m going to continue using it!”


Billy, Toronto:


“Now, I can reach the most secret female spots and make my woman incredibly happy. And the main reason is that my penis is now longer and fuller. I also feel higher satisfaction and powerful and explosive orgasms are a norm for us. My sexual life is completely different from what I had before I have started using PHALLOSAN forte.”


1 month

3 months


+0.3 inches to your penis length


Improved libido



+1 inch to your penis length


Enhanced erectile function, increased sensations, and satisfaction from sex


6 months

12 months


+ 1.8 inches to your penis length


No more premature ejaculation



+ 2.5 inches to your penis length


Enhanced orgasms, strengthened penis


 Official Site


Martha, New York:


“Ohhh… This is amazing, impressive, fantastic… I have never experienced anything like that before my husband has started wearing this device. Now, his penis is larger and erections stronger and fuller. Now, I can feel that his manhood is inside me scrubbing and pampering my vagina. He can reach the deepest spots bringing unbelievable satisfaction and great orgasms. My husband has also become more self-confident, and he is happy that he can bring me such pleasure in the bedroom. Whatever you say, sex is very important in the relations, and amazing sex is a significant advantage.


Adam, Florida:


“I had been searching the Internet for long six months or so to find the most efficient and safest device for my manhood. I was afraid that any pumps or traction devices could damage my manhood. But having read an enormous amount of reviews, I decided that PHALLOSAN Forte would be what I really needed. And I was not mistaken. I have been using PHALLOSAN for six months, and I am totally happy. It is quite easy and simple in use. I can wear it during the day underneath my pants, and no pain or discomfort is felt. My penis is 0.3 inches longer and 0.2 inches fuller now. I experience firmer erections, and I do not feel anxious when I go to bed with women. And all of them seem to be satisfied. I do recommend PHALLOSAN Forte, and I am sure that it can help a lot of men and women become happier and have fantastic sex.”


Silvia, Canada:


“A deep spot orgasm is a breathtaking thing that forces your body quiver experiencing real sexual sensations. And now my boyfriend can make me feel this incredible pleasure and satisfaction every time we have sex. He can massage my vagina from inside reaching the deepest places and stimulating the deepest muscle contractions. At such moments, I can’t help but climax! And this is due to a magic device PHALLOSAN forte: his penis is longer and larger, and his erections are stronger. Now, I am waiting for every next time and do not skip any chance to go to bed with my boyfriend. So, if your man has any penis or erection problems, this device can be what you really need. It will increase self-confidence and ensure mind-blowing sex and explosive orgasms!


How to buy Purchase PHALLOSAN forte


Places to Purchase PHALLOSAN forte


If you search the device on the Internet, you may find tons of offers. But you should be careful to avoid scammers. So, the safest place to order a real PHALLOSAN forte is to visit its official website.


The orthopedic enlarger will cost you USD 339. This offer includes the entire kit (a bell, a sleeve, a protector cap, a belt) you need to use the device safely every day. Also, you may purchase any spare parts separately choosing any size that suits you.


You have several options to make a payment for your order. You may pay by a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express), wire transfer or via PayPal.

Your data voluntarily provided when creating an account are only used to process and complete your order. After the payment is made and the product is sent to you, your data are blocked.


You may return PHALLOSAN forte within fourteen days upon the receipt of your order, and no reason should be stated. If you send the device within the two-week period, the deadline is considered to have been observed 


$ 339 - 1 device
Can be shipped to Ukraine


73 70%


17 16%


15 14%
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This is the best penis extender I've tried for now. It's comfortable, easy to use and the quality is awesome. And what's the most important - it gives results faster than you think. It's worth to try Phallosan Forte. If you're unsure, just check out what guys on forums say


I have decided to share my customer experience here because I bought phallosan after reading this review. There are publications in science magazines about Phallosan; that's why I decided to look closer at this product. Phallosan is much better than Sizegenetics; because you will not feel any discomfort while you use it. The devices come in three sizes: S, M, L. It's important to follow Phalosan's instructions on how to choose the right size before you place an order. I use a slow tension and slow pressure to feel more comfortable. You need some patience, but if you do everything right, your penis will start to grow in 3-4 weeks. I am 2 inches bigger now after five months


I use it at night, it's more comfortable for me. Andropenis and Sizegenetics are useless devices, as for me. Phallosan was my third and the last penis extender, i also combined it with stretching exercises for better results. I'm 1.5 inches longer than before


I wear phallosan for 10 hours a day for maximum results. I have gained 0,5 inches so far. My observations: use the right tension and pressure to improve your results


I have tried a few extenders before I bought Phallosan Forte. And all of them gave me pain. And only with Phallosan Forte, I don't feel any discomfort. Yes, it is pricey but the designed and comfort are worth it.

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