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Causes Of Low Libido In Men
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What are the most common causes of low libido in men? Of course with anything that are medical causes that can lead to the reduction in sex drive, one of them being low testosterone. Anothereasonse that is very common is depression. One of the big changes that come with depression is a lack of interest in sex.

To ensure that there are no medical reasons you need to go and have a chat with your therapist. Talk with him about your sex drive spin down.


Remember that low libido is a very subjective as well. Some people with poor desire do not want to have sex for over two years and for some people low libido is they worried because they are not waking up with the raging hard on every morning.

So sometimes it is not bad to have a talk with the doctor and get some perspective what might be within the normal range for you, but also what is outside that range for you as well. So talk with your physician, and it is worthwhile considering getting the testosterone checked and also make sure that there is nothing like depression hanging around.

One of the biggest causes of low libido in men is stress. Stress increases the amount of cortisol that is in the system. We the cortisol levels are high, one of the last things your body wants to do is replicate because it is under stress.


Modern life is led to us getting stressed out more often though. So the reduction in stress is one of the biggest things that will help reduce low libido and help you get back into the settling feeling a lot more comfortable.

So what you need to do to reduce stress, you get out to a few exercises, you get out into the sunshine.


Of course, I recommend you to get checked out by doctors of and talk with them about the possibilities of what could be causing the reduction in the libido.

To increase your libido, you need to improve your testosterone levels. One way to do it is to use male enhancement gels, like AndroGel.

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